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Jul 16, 2013
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Jihad Comics on Western Muslim Joining Nusra Coalition to Wage Jihad in Syria – Part 1

#3916 | 04:17
Source: The Internet

Following are excerpts from Part One of a comic book series, “The Journey of a Mujahid with Jabhat Al-Nusra,” which was posted on the Internet on July 16, 2013:


“The Journey of a Mujahid with Jabhat Al-Nusra”



“Part One”



“At dawn…”


Mustafa, a Muslim youth, prays in his room


“After a few hours…”


Mustafa plays a war game on the computer in his bedroom


“Red platoon: attack, attack!”



A knock on the door



“Knock, knock…



Mustafa’s father is at the door:



Father: Mustafa, it’s noon. Are you going to stay in your room all day, playing that computer game?



Mustafa, your mother and I want a better future for you. You’ve finished high school, and that’s it. That was four years ago. Don’t you have aspirations for the future? We brought you and your brothers to this Western country so that you would have an opportunity for a better life. Look at your brothers – one has become an engineer and the other a doctor. I’m very proud of you, and I want a good future for you. Don’t disappoint me.



“In the afternoon…”




“Slam!” bedroom door is slammed shut




Mustafa’s hand is on the doorknob



“In the afternoon…”



Mustafa is playing soccer with other youths in the street



A man in traditional Muslim garb calls out: Mustafa!



Mustafa: Hello, Marwan.



Marwan: Hey, cousin, how’re you doing? Where have you been? I’m surprised I haven’t seen you in the mosque lately.



Mustafa: I know, Marwan. I’d like to spend more time with you in the mosque, but I’m very busy. I’ll do my best to make more time for it.



Marwan: Okay, cousin. I know that living in a foreign country has its difficulties, but we must not forget where we have come from. We lead comfortable lives here, but Muslims are dying every day all over the world, defending Islam and the Muslims.



Sounds and images of war in the background



You know that my family is still in Syria, trapped between the fighters. They have witnessed many barbaric crimes and killings, which no man can bear to see.



I pray to Allah the Almighty every day that they will keep in good health, and I hope you will join me in prayer in the mosque. Our faith and our honor are more important than any worldly matter.



Mustafa: I know that, Marwan, and I promise I will go to pray in the mosque more often. Please tell your family that I am worried about them.



“Three months later…”



Sounds of prayer in the background, a scene of prayer at a mosque



Marwan: I’m very proud of you, cousin. I see that you’ve been coming to the mosque every day.



Mustafa: I was on a path away from Allah, but I’m very glad that I took your advice and returned to Allah the Almighty.



It was your stories of the killing and torture in Syria that had an impact on me. I can hardly believe what is happening to my brothers in Syria.



These people are fighting and dying for the sake of Allah, and there is no greater honor than that. Allah will hold the aggressors accountable on Judgment Day.



If we do not sacrifice our lives in order to make the word of Allah reign supreme, how shall we face Him on Judgment Day?



Older Muslim who overhears him in the mosque: These words of yours are awesome, young man. You bring honor to your family and to Islam. But if you are ready to wage Jihad for the sake of Allah along with your brothers in Syria…





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