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Feb 02, 2021
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Fatah Official Jibrail Rajoub: Now That Their Jackass Trump Is Gone, Netanyahu Cannot Rule The World; What Is Happening in Palestine Is A Second Holocaust

#8667 | 02:56
Source: Alshahed TV (Kuwait)Palestinian Authority TV

Palestinian politician Jibrail Rajoub, secretary of the Fatah Central Committee, said that now that "their jackass" Trump is gone, Netanyahu can no longer exploit the Jewish Holocaust to "rule the world." He explained that Israelis are not the victims in their conflict with the Palestinians, but rather they are criminals, killers, and lowlifes, who are perpetrating a second Holocaust against the Palestinians. Rajoub made his remarks in an interview with Palestine TV on February 2, 2021 and on Alshahed TV (Kuwait) on January 20, 2021. He elaborated that Netanyahu represents the "ugly face of Mussolini and Hitler." Rajoub said that calling Trump a jackass is actually an insult to donkeys, because he "destroyed the world and strived to impose a racist and fascist system." He continued to say that the Holocaust was a "horrible massacre," but it wasn't the Palestinians, as Arabs or Muslims, who carried out the Holocaust, yet what is happening to them in Palestine is the same thing. Rajoub explained that the 14 million Palestinians are being "eradicated and erased in terms of geography, history, humanity, religion, and culture," and there is no difference between this and the Jewish Holocaust.

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Host, February 2: "What if Israel does  not allow [the PA] to conduct elections in East Jerusalem?"

Jibrail Rajoub: "We will do it whether the occupation likes it or not.


"That jackass of theirs, Trump, is gone. He's no longer there. Nobody will allow Netanyahu to continue to rule the world, under the pretext of the Holocaust, when what is happening to the Palestinians is the Holocaust of our current century."


Rajoub, January 20: "There has been a change in the conduct of the American administration. For the first time, the U.S. administration deals with the right-winged, fascist approach, which is led by Netanyahu, who represents the ugly face of Mussolini and Hitler, who does not recognize the Palestinians' right to their land, their right to exist, or their right for self-determination.


"With that jackass called Trump gone, I am certain that..."

Interviewer: "Why do you compare him to a jackass?"

Rajoub: "By God, it's an insult to the donkeys. You call him an American president? What is this? He destroyed the world and strived to impose a racist and fascist system. What am I supposed to call him? Mother Teresa?


"You know that they have been exploiting the issue of the Holocaust, which was carried out by someone else, not by the Arabs or the Muslims. They were slaughtered in Europe. It was a horrible massacre, and we all oppose and reject it, but it wasn't us who perpetrated it – neither as Arabs nor as Muslims.

"But I am saying that what is happening in Palestine is a second Holocaust. There are 14 million of us, and we are being eradicated and erased in terms of geography, history, humanity, religion, and culture. In the 21st century, they can no longer perpetrate the same massacres of the 1940s, but what's the difference?

"People reject the Jewish and Israeli narrative that presents them as victims in their conflict with the Palestinians. They are criminals, killers, and lowlifes. They do to the Palestinians the same thing that happened to them [in the Holocaust]."

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