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Aug 01, 2011
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Jews Seen Sowing Dissent among Muslims in Kuwaiti-Produced Ramadhan TV Series

#3177 | 02:45
Source: MBC TV (Saudi Arabia)Online PlatformsBaghdad TV (Iraq)Al-Hayat (Egypt)Rotana Khalijiya TV (Saudi Arabia)Al-Nahar TV (Egypt)Channel 6 (Morocco)

Following is an excerpt from a Syrian-produced TV series, titled "Al-Hassan and Al-Hussein", which was posted on the Internet on August 1, 2011. The series aired on various TV channels, including the Saudi Rotana Khalijiya TV and MBC TV, the Egyptian Al-Hayat TV and Al-Nahhar TV, the Iraqi Baghdad TV, and the Moroccan Channel 6. There were also reports that it would air on the Egyptian 4Shabab TV and Al-Tahrir TV and on the Tunisian Nessma TV.

Jewish leader: The time has come, Ibn Saba.

Ibn Saba: I have been waiting for this moment for a long time, sir. I shall prove to you that I am the best man to carry out this great mission.

Jewish leader: Indeed, Ibn Saba. We know that you are worthy for this mission. We know that we will not find a better man to carry out this mission.

When Muhammad went to Yathrib, our brothers of the Qurayza and Qaynuqa' tribes did not take him seriously. They did not tell us in Yemen about all this until things deteriorated. They were killed and banished when they tried to finish him off. As you can see, this religion will continue to shine unless we take action.

Ibn Saba:I will do everything within my power to sow the seed of dissent among the Muslims. I have devised a meticulous plan for that purpose. You shall witness our wisdom and our ability to take over the centers of power.

Jewish leader: We will be with you everywhere, and we will provide you all that you need to accomplish our goal.

Proceed towards your glory. You carry the hopes of thousands of our glorious nation.


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