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Jul 28, 2002
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Jews Distort Torah and Admit, "We Live off Prophets' Blood" in Jordanian-Produced Soap Opera

#685 | 03:45
Source: Iqra TV (Saudi Arabia)

The following are excerpts from the Jordanian-produced soap opera "Stories from before the Verses Came Down", which aired on Iqra TV during February 2005.

Ka'b: Huyay, and you too Shas, do as much as you can to (alter) the Torah. Change the characteristics of the awaited Prophet, and make him as different as possible from Arab traits.

Shas: Maybe we should say… We'll say that he… What shall we say, Huyay?

Huyay: We will say that he has blue eyes.

Shas: Yes, that's it. A tall man.

Ibn Salul: By God! You Jews altered the Torah in a matter of seconds.

Shas: Ibn Salul, if you want to keep your throne, take it easy. Cooperate with us, and don't bother your mind with such things.

Ibn Salul: Yes, he's indeed a tall man.

Ka'b: By God, Rachel, I can't say I'm surprised by this Muhammad. I'm surprised by us.

Rachel: Don't you believe he's a prophet?

Ka'b: He is indeed, Rachel. A prophet. A prophet, a prophet! But I envy him. I envy him. You know what jealousy does, Rachel. It is a fire that consumes the body.

Huyay: He is a prophet. A prophet! We all know that. But who among us can stop the Jewish torrent of hatred towards him? You Kinana! Can you refrain from hating Muhammad, the illiterate Arab?

Kinana: No one denies this, uncle. Hating prophets and setting traps for them is one of our traits – we, the Israelites.

Huyay: No one should complain to us about this! We are the slayers of prophets, and we live off their blood! We live for destroying them! Once they are dead, we finish off their followers.

Kinana: Don't stop him. Don't stop him, auntie. Let this Jewish volcano erupt, exposing their true view of the prophets and their followers.

Ka'b: Our war with Muhammad and his following is a long one. A very long war, Rachel. It will outlive both us and them. We will have no peace with them until Judgment Day.

Rachel: This is a hopeless war. By the God of Moses and Aaron, this war is a hopeless one.

Ka'b: We must destroy everything they have – their honor, their moral values, their faith! We must destroy it all.

Rachel: By God, K'ab, all we are doing is to burn ourselves in the flames of our own hatred.

Ka'b:Rachel, while you are burning in the flames of your own hatred, you must also burn those who kindled the flames of hatred and rage within you.

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