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Nov 15, 2005
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Jews Conspire to Destroy the Prophet Muhammad and Islam in a TV Series Aired by Saudi Iqra TV

#922 | 09:21
Source: Iqra TV (Saudi Arabia)

Following are excerpts from an Egyptian-produced TV series about the Prophet Muhammad and the Jews of Al-Madina. Iqra TV aried this episode on November 15, 2005

Young girl: What is today's story, father?

Father: It is the story of a man about whom the Prophet said: "Whoever wants to look at the devil, let him look at Nabtal."

Young boy: God forbid. Who is that man, father?

Father: A Jew called Nabtal, Nabtal bin Al-Harith, who was a wicked, evil man. He was the Muslims' most bitter enemy, and he spared no efforts in harming them and conspiring against them.

Nabtal's mother: What are you doing with that chest?

Nabtal: No, no, no.I don't want anything, mother.

Nabtal's mother: Then why did you open it?

Nabtal: The truth is that I...

Nabtal's mother: You wanted to steal from me, you thief.

Nabtal: I'm not a thief. I own this chest, and a person cannot steal his own money.

Nabtal's mother: You wretches thing, may you die, not a day too soon.

Nabtal: Mother, you wish me dead, even though you have nobody but me?

Nabtal's mother: Yes, I do, since you want to steal from me, as usual.

Nabtal: Mother, why are you treating me so cruelly, although I am your only son?

Nabtal's mother: All sons give to their mothers, but you only take from me, and don't give me a thing.

Nabtal: You know what I spend this money on?

Nabtal's mother: I don't know anything.

Nabtal: You know I spend it on destroying Islam and the Muslims.


Nabtal's mother: Are you making fun of me again?

Nabtal: This will be the last time, and we will win great victory, and achieve all our goals.

Nabtal's mother: How much do you want this time?

Nabtal: A thousand dinars.

Nabtal's mother: No, that's too much.

Nabtal: It's not much, if the goal is to eliminate Muhammad bin Abdallah and his call to Islam. Besides, I'll pay everything back when we triumph.

Nabtal's mother: Here. My only hope is that Muhammad and his call to Islam jwill be completely destroyed.

Pinhas: I have drawn up four plans to eliminate Muhammad and his call to Islam.

Nabtal: What is the first one?

Pinhas:The first thing we must do is to rekindle the animosity between the tribes of Aws and Khazraj.

Shas:That's true, Pinhas. Muhammad has reconciled them, and made them forget their old animosity.

Nabtal: We used to profit from that hostility before they converted to Islam, and we should profit even more now that they have converted.

Nabtal: We will profit even more today.

Shas: What is the second plan, Pinhas?

Nabtal: We will not give the deposits in our possession to the merchants and the wealthy men who converted to Islam.

Nabtal: Well done, Pinhas, you've done well.

Shas: This is a practical punishment for anyone who dares to abandon his religion and join Muhammad's religion, regardless of whether he is a polytheist, a Christian, or a Jew.

Nabtal: At the same time, it is a simple way to get our hands on these deposits and add them to our wealth.

Shas: What is the third means, oh great rabbi?

Pinhas: To spread false rumors about Islam.

Shas: Excellent. Outstanding. And the fourth?

Pinhas: To invent false stories that will harm the Muslims.

Shas: No, no, Pinhas. That will be hard to do.

Pinhas: But it's the easiest of the four ways.

Shas: How come?! They stick together, and cooperate, as if they were one.

Nabtal: Let's begin to execute the first and second proposals.


Nabtal: Here is Amru bin Al-Nu'man Al-Baiyadi

Shas: Yes, that's him.

Nabtal: It's time to carry out the first part of the plan you devised to rekindle the old hostility between the Aws and the Khazraj. He belongs to the Khazraj tribe. The Aws killed his father in the Battle of Bo'ath.

Amru: Look who's here... Rabbi Nabtal and Rabbi Shas.

Nabtal: Welcome, my dear friend, son of a dear man.

Shas: How are you, my child?

Amru: We thank Allah for the grace of Islam.

Nabtal: I saw you walking arm in arm yesterday with Abdallah bin Al-Khudheir of the Aws tribe.

Amru: He is my dear friend.

Nabtal: Your dear friend?! I can't believe what I'm hearing.

Amru: Why not?

Shas: Have you forgotten what his father, Khudheir, did to your father, Nu'man? He killed him killed him. Not only did he kill him, but he mutilated his corpse abominably.

Amru: True, but Islam has washed away the hostilities of the past, and has united us in friendship, love, and brotherhood.

Nabtal: Friendship, love, and brotherhood towards someone whose father killed your father and mutilated his corpse?! He slashed open your father's stomach, and took out his liver.

Amru: Enough, enough. I don't want to hear any more such incitement.

Nabtal: I was your father's friend, so I was sad to see you walking with the son of your father's murderer, and then calling him your dear friend.

Sash: No, Amru. No. It's not proper for you to say such things that reduce your masculinity, your honor, and your courage, which we all know and value.

Abdallah bin Al-Khudheir: Hello, my good friend.

Amru: Enough with this hypocrisy. Take out your sword.

Abdallah: Unbelievable! What's happened?

Amru: If you don't take out your sword the spot.

Abdallah: Won't you explain this surprising change in our relationship?

Amru: I don't have time to explain.

Abdallah: Then you force me to do something I don't want to do.

Father: The Jews were very interested in arousing the old hostilities between the Aws and Khazrij tribes of Yathrib.

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