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Feb 12, 2016
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Jean-Marie Le Pen's Advisor Elie Hatem: Zionism and Freemasonry Control the Media and Government in France

#5331 | 01:32
Source: Al-Arabiya TV (Dubai/Saudi Arabia)

In a February 12 Al-Arabiya TV interview, Elie Hatem, political advisor to Jean-Marie Le Pen, said that the movements of Zionism and Freemasonry "control the press and the government in France." "This is a sort of dictatorship," he said.

Hatem: "We know that Marine Le Pen got closer to some movements that control public opinion in France. She did so in order to whitewash the National Front. These movements include Zionist movements and Freemasonry, which control the press and the government in France. We know that when Jean-Marie Le Pen..."

Interviewer: "It is up to the French authorities responsible for the media to respond to your claim that Zionism and Freemasonry control the media."

Hatem: "Even some Zionists say this..."

Interviewer: "You have no documentation of this."

Hatem: "This is well known in France. That is why everybody is afraid to talk about this in France. This is a sort of dictatorship."


"I am a member of the French national movement L'Action Francaise, a royalist movement founded by Charles Maurras. I am against the idea of secularism espoused by Marine Le Pen, as I told her on several occasions. The Freemasons were behind the secularism, and they founded the French republic government on the three principles defended by Freemasonry: liberty, equality, and fraternity."