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Dec 02, 2023
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Startled Al-Jazeera TV Correspondent In Gaza City Abruptly Cuts Short Interview With Man Who Starts Criticizing Qatar And Turkey

#10690 | 00:45
Source: Al-Jazeera Network (Qatar)

An Al-Jazeera correspondent abruptly cut short an interview with a man on the street during a live Al-Jazeera Network (Qatar) broadcast from Gaza City on December 2, 2023, when he started criticizing Qatar and Turkey. The man said: "May Allah settle the score with Qatar and Turkey…" The correspondent reacted to this by taking the microphone away from him and pushing the man away. The man can be seen asking to continue the interview, while the reporter speaks into the microphone.

Correspondent: "Please tell us more about the massacres."

Gazan man: "There is a massacre of civilians, these are children. They are all little children. May Allah settle the score with Qatar and Turkey..."

Correspondent: "This is a humanitarian issue, to be honest. This is a humanitarian issue and we are watching these scenes. The situation is very catastrophic. There are many martyrs in these places."

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