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Jan 03, 2020
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Mohammad Marandi, Head of American Studies at Tehran University on Al-Jazeera: American, Western Citizens Should Leave the Region Immediately

#7692 | 02:04
Source: Al-Jazeera Network (Qatar)

Mohammad Marandi, the Head of American Studies at Tehran University, said in a January 3, 2020 interview on Al-Jazeera Network (Qatar) that the United States’ killing of IRGC General Qasem Soleimani earlier that day was at attack against the Iranian and Iraqi people, and he warned that Americans and Westerners in Iraq, in the UAE, or elsewhere in Southwest Asia should leave the region immediately. He said that the U.S. acts with impunity in Iraq, that it created Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan, that it brought about 9/11, that it is responsible for the existence of Saudi-funded Wahhabi terror groups such as ISIS, and that it is guilty of destroying the Middle East. In addition, Marandi said that Israel is also guilty of supporting terror groups in Syria, and he added that the killing of Qasem Soleimani constitutes an act of war against both Iran and Iraq. Furthermore, Marandi warned that the countries that stand by America’s actions will pay the price.

Following are excerpts:


Mohammad Marandi: This [U.S. killing of Qasem Soleimani] is targeting the Iranian people, it is targeting the Iraqi people. In my opinion, Western citizens should leave the region immediately. If I was in the United Arab Emirates, in Iraq, or elsewhere, I would think of leaving as soon as possible.




Who is it that continues to act with impunity in Iraq and that murders Iraqi soldiers who are fighting ISIS? It is the regime in Washington. Who created Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan? Who created the menace that brought about 9/11? It was the United States. Who supported the extremist groups in Syria? Who destroyed Syria? Who is responsible for the rise of ISIS, Al-Qaeda, Jaysh al-Islam, and other such terrible evil groups that are Wahhabi-oriented and funded by Saudi Arabia, and who the Israeli regime allowed to be based alongside their borders with Syria, alongside the occupied Golan Heights, in fact…




So it is the Americans that are guilty of destroying this region.




The menace of Western countries in this part of the world – and the rest of the world – is nothing new. Colonialism, Eurocentrism, hegemony and empire have been a part of this reality that we are living. But how the United States has gone too far. They have carried out an act of war against a sovereign country – they have carried out an act of war against two sovereign countries. And those regimes that stand by the U.S. in this act of war will have to pay the price as well.




If I was an American in Iraq, I would leave now.  If I was an American in any part of Southwest Asia, I would leave immediately.

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