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Aug 19, 2021
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Afghan Ambassador to China Javid Qaem: The International Community – Especially China – Can Be Very Helpful to Afghanistan, It Should Maintain Its Role Even After the U.S. Pullout

#9069 | 01:18
Source: Phoenix TV (China/Hong Kong)

Javid Qaem, the Afghan ambassador to China said that it is important that the international community, and specifically China, maintain its influence in Afghanistan after the American pullout. He made his remarks in an interview that aired on Phoenix TV (China/Hong Kong) on August 24, 2021. Qaem said that it should stand with the people of Afghanistan and that it can be very helpful. He added that China has always been a great friend to Afghanistan, and that they even informed him and the government of Afghanistan that they received a Taliban delegation in the country.

Interviewer: "Then, how about your expectations for the international community right now on the Afghan issue?"

Javid Qaem: "I think they should not leave Afghanistan, and the Afghan people at all. It's important that they stay with the people. Afghanistan still needs their support, and I hope the international community, I especially talk about China, my host country, and the biggest country in the region, should stand with the people of Afghanistan, and they can be very helpful."

Interviewer: "So, how?"

Javid Qaem: "China has been a friend throughout history. I think China can still play a very good role.


"With some countries, we have a very good understanding, and China is one of them. The Taliban came here a week ago, but the good thing with China is that they informed us before, that they were coming, and they informed us after that as well."

Interviewer: "They informed you?"

Javid Qaem: "Yes, personally myself and the government of Afghanistan."

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