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Jun 19, 2017
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Istanbul Friday Sermon by Syrian Cleric Mohammad Basem Dahman: The U.S. Created ISIS to Distort the Image of Islam

#6160 | 03:37
Source: The Internet - "Sheikh Dahman on YouTube"

In a Friday sermon delivered in Istanbul, Syrian cleric Sheikh Mohammad Basem Dahman said that ISIS was a purely American product, created in order to distort the image of Islam. "It created it and armed it," with the money of Saudi Arabia, the Gulf states, Kuwait, and Qatar, claimed Sheikh Dahman, who further said that the phenomenon of ISIS had led to people renouncing Islam, especially in the West, "where ISIS has become synonymous with Islam." The sermon, titled "the Illusion of the Islamic State," was delivered in the Ahmad Kuftaro Institute for the Training of Arab and Turkish Preachers, which Sheikh Dahman runs, and was posted on his YouTube account on June 19.


Mohammad Basem Dahman: Sadly, the Muslims lack awareness. They do not understand the reality, and they do not read the [books of] history. They do not learn from history and do not connect cause and effect. They are constantly living in illusion, I'm sad to say.




It is very strange how the Muslims do not think. Before the 1967 war, Moshe Dayan said in a TV interview: "We will attack Egypt and Syria and destroy their airports within hours. We will take control of the skies and will grab the Sinai and the Golan." That was before the 1967 war. The journalist asked him: "How come you reveal such military secrets on TV?" "The Arabs do not read," said Moshe Dayan, "and if they read, they don't understand, and if they understand, they do not act." I'm sad to say this. The plan was executed exactly the way he had presented it on TV.




ISIS is a purely American product. ISIS is a purely American product. The U.S. created it and armed it, but not with its own money. It did so with the money of Saudi Arabia, the Gulf states, Kuwait, and Qatar. The U.S. provides the weapons and receives the profits. Thus, the war continues and the U.S. exports weapons, and wealth rains down upon America like gold falling from the skies. America created ISIS for several reasons, the first of which is the distortion of the image of Islam. They want to distort the image of this religion. I know of many people who renounced Islam because of ISIS. They used to pray and fast, but when they saw ISIS, and saw that whenever its members kill or slaughter somebody, they recite Quranic verses, they said: "If this is Islam, we want nothing to do with it." They became apostates after believing in Allah. They became atheists. This is the situation among Muslims, and it is worse in the West, where ISIS has become synonymous with Islam.




America has created ISIS in order to distort Islam, just like Britain created Wahhabism two centuries ago in order to distort Islam.




America created Al-Qaeda, but its role is over. It created ISIS, and now its role is over too. Only Allah knows what America will come up with next - what organization, what ideology, and in which country.




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