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Jul 02, 2015
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Israeli Imam Supports ISIS, Calls Netanyahu "Jewish Dog"

#4995 | 04:03
Source: The Internet

During a sermon on July 2 at the Al-Tawhid Mosque in Umm Al-Fahm, Israeli Imam Muhammad Abd Al-Ghani called Netanyahu "that Jewish dog" and criticized Hamas, saying that it had "struck an alliance" with the Jews, who, he said, were "behind every catastrophe afflicting our Islamic nation." According to media reports, Abd Al-Ghani removed a sign bearing the ISIS symbol at the entrance to the mosque following repeated demands by the Israeli police. However, the symbol continues to appear on his Youtube account.

Following are excerpts:

Muhammad Abd Al-Ghani: Dozens of satellite TV channels have been exposed. They were founded and are funded by Jews, who control the media. When you ask one of these Jews what they are doing, he says: We donate enormous sums on a daily basis, in order to ensure the continuation of the Star Academy [music talent] show. Why are they spending all this money? Not just so that you can sit back and be entertained, but in order to destroy your mind, to destroy your home, and in order to turn your sons and daughters against you.


First and foremost, you must know that there is a Jew behind each and every catastrophe afflicting our Islamic nation. Behind all the catastrophes, all the bloodshed, all the countries that have been invaded and their governments brought down, all the countries that have been burned down, along with their people, and all the blood that is shed in the streets... Behind all these is an accursed Jew. You should know that. This is divine law. In His beloved Quran, Allah mentioned "corruption upon the land" only in reference to the Jews.


Recently, that Jewish dog Netanyahu, may Allah curse him, said, following the operation of the [ISIS] mujahideen in the Sinai, that our brothers in Hamas had participated, with the Islamic State, in this operation. Our brothers in Hamas were forced to issue a statement to the media - saying what? Did they say: "True, [ISIS] are Muslims, and so are we"?
Did they say: "Yes, they wage Jihad against the figureheads of heresy and deception, and so do we"? Did they say: "Indeed, the Egyptian soldiers who were killed are the soldiers who killed our brothers in Rabea Square a few months ago"? They ran over them with their armored vehicles and tanks in Rabea Square, as they were fasting during the Ramadhan. Only a few days ago, they assassinated 13 leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood, to which Hamas itself belongs. What the official spokesman for Hamas did say to Netanyahu was: "No, your honor, the prime minister of Israel. You are wrong. We did not and will not cooperate with [ISIS], because they are our common enemy."

A common enemy?! What, have the Jews and Hamas struck an alliance?! Are they now in the same trench, fighting the mujahideen, who raise the Islamic banner of "there is no god but Allah"?!


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