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Feb 06, 2021
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Iranian Islamic Scholar Ahmad Abedi: Soleimani Monitored Iranian Jewish Community On Search For 'Zionist Spies'; He Trained Yemenis As Surgeons In Six Months And Sent Them To The Front Lines

#8686 | 02:59
Source: Noor TV (Iran)

Iranian Islamic scholar Ahmad Abedi detailed the roles IRGC Qods Force commander Qasem Soleimani played in various countries in the region. He made these remarks during a public address that was aired on Noor TV (Iran) on February 6, 2021. Abedi said that Soleimani was active in building religious centers in Najaf, Iraq, with Hizbullah in South Lebanon building a tunnel that extend into Israel, and creating concentrated medical programs for Yemenis, training them to become surgeons in just six months. He said that Soleimani had also created many centers for monitoring Iranian Jews who were "Zionist spies."

Ahmad Abedi: "Hajj Qasem [Soleimani] invested a lot of effort in protecting the integrity of the Najaf Seminary. You have heard a lot about his fight against ISIS and against the takfiri and salafi organizations, but he invested much more effort in the religious seminaries abroad, and I would rather not go into further details. 


"He once told me that he was running 22 TV channels. 22 TV channels!


"Regarding the Jews in this country who spy for Israel, [Soleimani] established centers for monitoring the Zionist spies. He established many such centers. 


"In south Lebanon, there was a time when the Zionists had such [intelligence] outreach and were so powerful that if, for example, a [Hizbullah] martyr was sitting in his apartment in a building with several floors... Imagine how the enemy could assassinate someone by firing a bullet or a missile, and the missile would go into the house, turn into the [right] room, and hit that great martyr in the forehead. To that extent was the Israeli infiltration [into Hizbullah's ranks]. But Hajj Qasem acted with such vigor that today, Hizbullah's resistance forces on the Israeli border... Some time ago, they dug a tunnel that extended into Israel. The Zionists exposed that tunnel. 


"Hajj Qasem brought people from Yemen, and had them undergo medical training. If medical students need 6-10 years in medical school to become doctors – Hajj Qasem prepared concentrated classes for them, and within six months, he would turn them into surgeons, and would send them to the unjust and unequal war that the Saudis are fighting against the Yemenis."

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