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Mar 10, 2024
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Iranian Islamic Researcher And Activist Alireza Komeili: American Aid To Gaza Is A Joke; The New Pier Could Be Used To Deport Gazans To Cyprus, Rather Than For Distributing Aid

#10946 | 02:20
Source: Channel 1 (Iran)

Islamic researcher and activist Alireza Komeili discussed on a March 10, 2024 show that aired on Channel1 (Iran) the American plan to build a pier in Gaza to replace the airdropping of aid. He said that it doesn't make sense that Israel would permit the Americans to bring aid into Gaza through the sea while it does not permit aid to enter by land. Komeili suggested that this was actually an American plan to deport the people of Gaza by sea to Cyprus. He continued to say that Turkey should become more involved in this matter. The show was hosted by Mohsen Maghsoudi and the other guest on the show was Abolghasem Talebi, a film director.

Alireza Komeili: "The Americans talked about a new port in Gaza, and today they released pictures of the people who are going to build this port. The pretext is that Israel is not allowing entry of aid, so they airdrop... [The U.S.] sees the pressure of public opinion mounting, so it is taking this completely stupid and deceptive measure.

"Israel does not let products enter Gaza from Rafah, but it would let you build a port? The airport and seaports in Gaza have been destroyed, the borders have been subject to restrictions, and Gaza has been under siege for the past 17 or 18 years, but [Israel] would let you build a port there... This is shameful. It's a joke. What is [the U.S.] trying to do? To rebrand itself. To some in the world, the U.S. is portrayed as the protector and the savior".

Panelist: "Like in the case of the aid airdrops..."

Komeili: "Right."

Panelist: "Israel lets your planes fly over and distribute food, but does not allow entry by cars? Only idiots would believe this."


Komeili: "The Americans recently started this dangerous pier project. They say: 'We are building a pier so ships can bring aid through it. We also want to deploy 1000 to 2000 troops to provide security for the pier.


"It seems that the goal of this project is, first of all, to rebrand the image of the U.S. in the world as the only and the strongest supporter of the Zionist regime, and as the murderer of the people of Gaza. This is part of the story.

"Another part is that the Israelis want to attack Rafah and are looking for an entry point. Their plan is probably to use the pier as a deportation point for Gazans to Cyprus. Unfortunately, the Israelis are doing some serious work in Cyprus, so the government of Turkey should become much more seriously involved."

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