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Jul 19, 2016
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Islamic Faction in Libya Compensates Relatives of Victims Killed by Mistake in Battles with ISIS with the Equivalent of 100 Camels Each

#5601 | 02:03

The Shura Council of Mujahideen in Derna, Libya, paid compensation to families of people killed by mistake in clashes with ISIS, according to a report that aired on the Libyan Arraed TV channel on July 19. Each family of received a sum equivalent to 100 camels, paid by a Benghazi businessman.

Reporter: "The Shura Council (of Mujahideen) in Derna organized a meeting in order to hand out financial compensation to relatives of ten people killed accidentally during the clashes between the council and the Islamic State organization in the city."

Muhammad Al-Mansouri: "We invited the relatives of the people who were killed by mistake during our war with the Islamic State organization. Approximately 10 men were killed by mistake, including a Bangladeshi and a young man from Al-Qubbah. Their relatives came to Derna, and were given the compensation prescribed by the shari'a for inadvertent killing."

Reporter: "177,750 Libyan dinars (app. 128,000 USD) was the sum awarded to the relatives of every person inadvertently killed in those clashes. One of the families waived part of the compensation, while another family waived the compensation in its eternity. According to sources in the Shura Council, a businessman from Benghazi took upon himself to provide the sum a while ago, but the arrangements took some time."

Belqasem Bin 'Arous: "The compensation was valued at one hundred camels. Experts in this field were contacted, and thus, the sum was set at 177,500 dinars for each individual."

Reporter: "The meeting took place in an atmosphere of tolerance, in an effort to soothe the wounds of families that lost a relative who was inadvertently killed in battles between the Shura Council of the Mujahidden of Derna and the Islamic State organization. These battles continues for about ten months, during which over 200 members of the Shura Council were killed, as well as residents of the city."

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