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Dec 12, 2016
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ISIS Video Shows Russian Base Captured in Palmyra; Fighter: We Shall Conquer Russia Tomorrow

#5794 | 02:54
Source: The Internet - "ISIS's Amaq News Agency"

A video documenting a Russia military base in Palmyra, Syria, taken over by ISIS was released by the organization's news agency A'maq on December 13. The video shows the tents used by the Russian troops, military equipment left behind – much of it destroyed – including large quantities of rifles taken as booty and some Russian written material. The video concludes with a fighter who says: Allah willing, we shall conquer Russia tomorrow."


Text: "A Russian base in the city of Palmyra taken over by the fighters of the Islamic State."

ISIS Fighter #1: "Allah Akbar. Praise be to Allah. This is what Allah and His Messenger have promised. Indeed, their promise was true. This is their 'merchandise,' and it will be sent back to them. Look, brothers. Look at all this booty. "

ISIS Fighter #2: "This is the Syrian sovereignty that they were talking about. This is the gate of the Russian base in Palmyra. With the grace of Allah, He enabled His servants, the mujahideen, to conquer it. Allah willing, we shall conquer Russia tomorrow."

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