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Feb 07, 2018
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ISIS Video Shows Women Fighting alongside Men, Documents Multiple "Martyrdom" Operations against PKK Forces

#6418 | 20:41
Source: The Internet - "Hayat Media"

A video showing at least one woman fighting alongside men was released on February 7 by Al-Hayat, one of the leading media organs of ISIS. It documents several "martyrdom" operations by its "Avenging The Chaste Women" campaign of coordinated attacks against PKK forces. The video is part 7 of a series titled "Inside the Khilafah," documenting ISIS raids and attacks against the PKK.

Narrator: "Indeed, the path of glory for this ummah lay not for a single day in the shade of comfort and peace. Rather, it was to be found by living the true meaning of Islam: submission to Allah with tawheed and yielding to His commands. In Dar Al-Islam, the sons of the Khilafah [Caliphate] imprisoned and bound their souls to the obedience of their Creator, so their enemies besieging of them became insignificant as they continue to confront the blaze of the Crusader coalition's fierce bombardment, all the while surrendering themselves to Allah's command by waging jihad against the enemies of His religion. For their Lord had ordered them to fight, and had left the outcome of victory to Himself. They do not give the enemy relief, nor do they seek from them any respite. For their hearts are content with what their Lord has willed and decreed. They neither turn their faces to the heads of kufr [unbelief] nor to their worthless and humiliated mercenaries, the deceitful, atheist Kurds who fight in a deluded endeavor to extinguish the light of Allah by establishing a racist, secular pseudo-state built on the edge of a proverbial bank on the brink of collapse – Rojava. Their crimes would not remain unchecked, as the sons of the khilafah rose as one body despite their wounds, in response to the call of jihad."

ISIS Fighter 1: "Let's go, brothers! Support [your religion]! Support [your religion]! Let's go, brothers! Come forth, brothers! Onwards to Jannah [Paradise]! Support [your religion]! Support [your religion]!"

Narrator: "And following them, the chaste mujahid woman, journeying to her Lord with the garments of purity and faith, seeking revenge for her religion and for the honor of her sisters imprisoned by the apostate Kurds. They launch the battle to avenge the chaste women. It is a campaign that commences a new era of conquest with Allah's permission. As the soldiers of the khilafah set forth to carry out a coordinated, multipronged attack south of the Euphrates River. Under the divine protection of a sandstorm, by which their Lord shields them against the murtadeen's [apostate] Crusader coalition air cover, they set out, having pledged that they will not return until their swords have been drenched with the blood of the atheist criminals. And their call echoes throughout the arena of vengeance in every stage of the campaign."

Voice Of Shaykh Abu Mus'ab Az-Zarqawi: "Labbayk (we are coming), O my mother! Labbayk, O my sister! Labbayk, O pure and chaste woman! By Allah, our lives will not be pleasant, our eyes will not find comfort, and our swords will not be sheathed until we take revenge for your honor and dignity."

ISIS Fighter 2: "Brothers! This is what Allah and His Messenger promised us. This is the ghanimah [spoils of war] from the PKK. May Allah disgrace them. May Allah disgrace them."

ISIS fighters capture a PKK fighter.

ISIS Fighter 3: "Enemy of Allah! You came to fight the mujahidin?"

PKK Fighter: "I just got here today. I just got here today."

ISIS Fighter 3: "How many of you are in the base?"

The PKK fighter lies dead on the ground.

Narrator: "It is here where the mujahideen stand with might over the kafir [unbeliever] apostates. They would not find life to be pleasant if they could not embitter the lives of the disbelievers. And they will remain upon this path as long as their hearts continue to beat and their eyes continue to blink."

A pickup truck with several corpses in its bed is driven through a crowded street. A jihadi standing in the bed holds up a severed head. Onlookers cheer, vehicle horns are honked in celebration. A fighter on a motorcycle drags a corpse that is tied to the motorcycle's rear fender down a street.

"For the dust will not settle until the religion is entirely for Allah. As there is no good whatsoever in a life in which the slaves of the Cross rule over us and in which the honor of our pure and chaste sisters is violated. And for this reason, the zealous istishadeen [martyrdom seekers] have called one another from every direction to sacrifice their limbs and spill their blood on the threshold of the fortress of shirk [idolatry] and depravity, in revenge for their Lord's religion and in support of their sisters. This is their path, the path of truth, and there is no other path."

Footage from multiple vehicle-born IED suicide operations is shown, several of which are filmed by drones.

Abul-Harith Al-Ansari: "O Allah, I ask You to grant victory to Your muwahhid [monotheist] slaves who are fighting for Your cause. O Allah, grant them victory. O Allah, bring victory through them for the sake of the widowed women, and for the sake of the unmarried women, and for the sake of the infant children, and for the sake of the hunched elderly. O Allah, safeguard the land of the Khilafah. O Allah, safeguard it, and keep firm our brothers who are fighting on the frontlines. O Allah, aid them and do not aid anyone against them."

ISIS Fighters: "Allahu Akbar [God is the greatest]! Allahu Akbar!"

ISIS fighters hold a captured PKK fighter outside a building.

ISIS Fighter 4: "They're not responding to us. They're not going to surrender themselves."

ISIS Fighter 5: "Should we blow up the house?"

ISIS Fighter 4: "Are you going to surrender yourselves or not? Are you going to surrender yourselves or not? You on the top floor! Are you going to surrender yourselves or not? Listen, listen. Call them."

ISIS Fighters: "Come down. We want to exchange you for our sisters. No one is going to slaughter you. Our sisters are more precious to us than you, more precious than a million of you slaughtered. Throw down your weapon and come down. Let's go! Come down!"

ISIS Fighters raid the building and capture the remaining PKK fighters. 

ISIS Fighters: "How many are upstairs? Is there anyone else upstairs? Hands up! Hands up! Hands up! Raise your hands! Raise your hands! Raise your hands! Why did you lower them! Is there anyone left upstairs?"

PKK Fighter: "No. There's nothing. I swear by Allah, there's nothing."

ISIS Fighter 6: "Where are you from?"

PKK Fighter: "I'm from Hasakah."

ISIS Fighter 6: "Where are you from?"

PKK Fighter: "I'm from Hasakah."

ISIS Fighter 6: "Where in Hasakah?"

PKK Fighter: "Nasirah."

ISIS Fighter 6: "Why did you come here?"

A fighter speaks with Zakariyya, the son of an ISIS fighter.

ISIS Fighter 7: "Zakariyya, who's this car for?"

Zakariyya: "My father."

ISIS Fighter 7: "What does your father want to do?"

Zakariyya: "He wants to carry out an istishhadi [martyrdom] operation. La ilaha illallah [There is no god but Allah]."

ISIS Fighter 8: "Go in, go in towards the house. Go left. Go in, go in, go in. Seek Allah's help [and detonate]! Seek Allah's help [and detonate]!"

An explosion occurs several blocks away. ISIS soldiers advance across a field.

ISIS Fighter 9: "Allahu akbar. Advance forth, O soldiers of the Khilafah. Allahu akbar."

A fighter lights the fuse on an IED.

ISIS Fighter 10: "Run! Run! Run!"

A fighter on a motorcycle drags a corpse that is tied to the motorcycle's rear fender down a street.

ISIS Fighter 11: "Today we stomp them, by Allah's permission. Today we stomp them. Today we stomp these enemies of the religion, enemies of Allah and His Messenger. O Allah, praise be to You for what You have blessed us with."

Narrator: "They are the soldiers of the khilafah, in whom you see the heroic feats of warriors and men. Men who do not surrender to the bitter reality of the status quo, but instead strive to change it by surrendering to Allah's command and waging jihad in His path. Abu 'Abdillah Ash-Shami, a man among the men of resolve, he was not held back by obstacles, nor by the tears of a loved one or the hopeful plea of an affectionate and merciful companion."

Abu 'Abdillah Ash-Shami: "It's okay, my daughter, I'm going to Allah. I'm going to Jannah inshaaillah. Say to me, 'May Allah keep you firm.' Say to me, 'May Allah keep you firm.' It's okay, my daughter. It's okay. Okay, Hamzah. If anyone asks... Look at me. If anyone asks, say, 'Uncle Abu 'Abdillah has freed me. I am now a free Muslim.' I am not your uncle. I am your brother [in Islam]. Okay? Juwayriyah. Juwayriyah, my daughter. Take care of your mother. Okay? Look at me. Look at me. Don't cry. Look at me. You're crying, Juwayriyah? Say to me, 'We ask Allah to accept you.' Say to me, 'We ask Allah to keep you firm.' Take care of your mother."

Narrator: "Indeed, he is an example of those who are truthful as we deem them. His firmness is apparent in the features of his unwavering face. He proceeds to his Lord in eagerness, another glorious example of honor, defiance, and jihad against the enemies of the religion."

Abu 'Abdillah Ash-Shami: "I advise you to fear Allah, and I advise you to be steadfast, my brothers. By Allah, by Allah, the best path and the quickest path to Jannah is to carry out an istishhadi [martyrdom] operation. I advise you to carry out ishtishhadi operations. I advise you to march forth behind Amirul-Muminin [the commander of the faithful]. Go after the atheist and apostate PKK. Deal with them and with all the religions of kufr, my brothers. By Allah, we are not suffering hardships. By Allah, we are enjoying blessings that no one knows of except Allah. It's true that I'm disabled, but I've been given a lot of suggestions in terms of areas I could work in. By Allah, I'm not doing this out of weakness, or because of any anguish or suffering. By Allah, it is only due to my desire to meet Allah. I ask Allah the Almighty, Lord of the great throne, to grant you all sustenance. I ask Allah to join me together with you in the gardens of eternity. With Allah's permission, victory is near."

The truck in which Ash-Shami is sitting drives away. An explosion occurs in the distance.

Narrator: "They are the glorious examples in which the sons of the mujahideen take pride. Examples borne of the tremendous deeds of their fathers, and likewise, the deeds of their mothers. With their pure blood, they stood firm, defending Dar Al-Islam, and establish the case against all those remaining behind. And in this hour of peril, we ask Allah the Almighty subduer to deliver his promise through the mujahideen as well as the oppressed. By whose deeds the ummah will reclaim its honor, glory, and supremacy."