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Nov 29, 2017
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Warning: Viewer Discretion Advised. ISIS Video "Flames of War II" Presents New Narrative: Through Death We Remain Forever Victorious

#6300 | 03:31
Source: The Internet - "Al-Hayat Media"

On November 29, the ISIS media outlet Al-Hayat Media Center released a new video titled "Flames of War II – Until the Final Hour." The scenario of the video is similar to that of "Flames of War – Fighting Has Just Begun," which was released in 2014 and provided an overview of the battles fought by ISIS at the time. The current 58-minute video was released and distributed on official ISIS channels on Telegram in English and Arabic versions. The final segment, presented here, features an ISIS fighter talking directly to the camera in English. The fighter, who speaks with an American accent, points to three captives in the background, who appear to be Syrian and Iraqi soldiers in uniform and who are digging their own grave, and says: "So here they are. Left to their miserable fate by the very Crusader and apostate governments they used to worship. Left to dig their own graves."

Narrator: "They make their jihad worldwide, not linked to color, race, or land, even if all the nations of kufr [unbelief] were to gather against them, for the believers are one, their lord is one and hukm [ruling] is only for Allah."

ISIS Fighter 1: "We came here to take over this place inshallah [God willing] and put the shari'a and implement the shari'a. After we go and we kill and we take the neck off of Assad, we will take the neck off of Trump, inshallah wa ta'ala [God, the exalted, willing]. And we will put the flag of dawlatul islamiyya [Islamic State], the words of Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala [the most glorified, the most high] in the highest, in the White House, inshallah."

ISIS Fighter 2: "Al-hamdu lillahi rabbil 'alamin wa al-salat wa al-salam ala nabyyona muhammad wa aalihi wa sahbihi ajma'in [praise be to Allah, lord of the worlds, and peace and blessings be on the Prophet Muhammad and all of his family and his companions]. These filthy Rafida [pejorative for Shi'ite, literally: "rejectionst"] and nusayri that we captured thought they could march across Iraq and Sham and lay claim to the lands of Ahlul-Sunna [Sunni Islam]. They became arrogant and boastful under Russian and American air cover, and denied Allah's promise that the believers would prevail, and so here they are, left to their miserable fate by the very crusader and apostate governments they used to worship, left to dig their own graves, this is the end of every kafir [unbeliever] we get hold of. This is the fate that they face. Allahu akbar wa lillah alhamd [praise be to Allah]."

Prisoner 1: "I served for 12 years in the Nusayri Army and in the end they didn't even offer a slipper in exchange for me."

Prisoner 2: "They negotiated for the corpses of the Iranians, but when it came to us, they abandoned us. We're nothing more than sandals, and now we're here digging our graves with our own hands. May Allah curse you, oh A'badi, and may He curse Sayyid (Muqtada as Sadr), and may he curse everyone who follows the Rafidah."

ISIS Fighter 2: "They said they would fight fire with fire. They thought their coalition would protect their homeland and defeat the khilafah [Caliphate]. They failed. We are the victorious group and bi idhnillah [with Allah's permission] we will remain until the final hour."

The three prisoners are shot in the back of the head.