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Nov 07, 2016
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ISIS Threatens Strikes in Turkey and Rome, Urges Muslims Worldwide to Kill Infidels,

#5743 | 02:10
Source: Online Platforms

A video produced by the media office of ISIS in Al-Khayr Province calls on Muslims worldwide to attack and kill infidels and apostates and threatens attacks in Turkey and Rome. The video, posted on the leading ISIS-affiliated online Jihadi forum Shumoukh Al-Islam on November 7, urged Muslims who are unable to come to the battlefronts or to carry out attacks where they live to support the group's activities online.


Following are excerpts



Voice over: While the Rafidites and the atheist Kurds seek help from all the infidels on the face of the Earth, we seek your help - after the help of Allah - you Muslims who live outside the Caliphate. The war today pits all infidels against all Muslims. You are part of this war. We will speak ill of you before Allah, oh you who are able to kill an infidel to support Islam, but refrain from doing so, you who are able to terrorize the infidels and apostates, but refrain from doing so, and you who are capable of harming them, but refrain from doing so.






It is better for you to meet Allah after having killed an infidel, than to meet Allah after refraining from joining the Jihad in support of your religion. Paradise is under the shadow of swords, and swords erase your sins. Paradise is under the shadow of swords, and swords erase your sins. Support us, oh monotheists worldwide. Know that you can support the mujahideen in many ways. Those of you who can come [to the land of the "caliphate"] should do so. Those who are unable to do so should wage Jihad wherever they are. Those who cannot do that should support us in the media. They should explain the truth underlying the war to everyone. Those who cannot do so should pray for us.






We will not attack you only in Tal Afar, Tal Kayf, and Baghdad, We shall attack you in Turkey and in Rome!





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