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Oct 22, 2014
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ISIS Fighter in Iraq Stands near Aircraft Wreckage, Threatens: We Will Conquer the World

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Source: Online Platforms

In this video-ciip, posted on the Internet on October 22, 2014, an ISIS fighter called Abu Bakr Al-Mujahir stands in front of the wreckage of a downed aircraft in Iraq, and vows, in broken English, that Islam will rule the world.

Following are excerpts:

Abu Bakr Al-Muhajir: This is a message to the materialistic world, who thought after America and their dogs from the Arabs and non-Arabs, who call themselves Muslims, after 50 countries, they came to fight the Muslims. They thought they are going to defeat the Muslims.


Our message is: Look at your plane. By Allah, we are going to win. Allah is going to support us. By Allah, we are going to win. By Allah, we are going to open [conquer] the whole world with Islam, and Islam is going to rule, like Allah and His Prophet promised us.


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