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Aug 28, 2014
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ISIS Destroys Cannabis Crops in Syria

#4459 | 03:25
Source: Online Platforms

Footage posted on the Internet on August 28, 2014 shows ISIS members destroying and burning a cannabis field north of Aleppo.

Man 1: "We are the Islamic State, and we have taken over the town of Akhtarin, north of Aleppo, having defeated the Free Syrian Army, and the groups that robbed the people and spread corruption upon the land. We have seized a field of narcotic plants called cannabis. This is the entire field, as you can see. These narcotics were planted in the middle of the field. On both sides you have vegetables like pepper, tomatoes, and corn. In the middle... Turn around and show them. It was planted all the way to the end of this field. By the grace of Allah, we removed it. Okay, start working. We brought these workers to remove this evil and burn it, Allah willing.


"This is very popular in America and Europe. They call it marijuana or weed. With the grace of Allah, we got rid of this."

Man 2: "The stem is really thick here."

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