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Dec 02, 2021
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ISIS Child Preacher Delivers Mosque Address: Our Goal Is The White House, Not Baghdad Or Damascus

#9216 | 00:46
Source: Online Platforms - "Rocket.Chat Server"

On December 2, 2021, a video was uploaded to an ISIS-operated Rocket.Chat Server. The video showed a young boy delivering an address at a mosque, saying: "We are marching forward [until] our banners [fill] the sky and the law of Allah dominates the entire Earth... Our goal is the White house, with the permission of Allah."

Boy: "By the permission of Allah, we are marching forward. We will move onward and shall not go back until our banners are waving in the [entire] sky and the law of Allah dominates the entire Earth. We are moving forward by the permission of Allah. Our goal is not Baghdad, Kobani, or Damascus. Or goal is the White House, with the permission of Allah."

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