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Mar 13, 2019
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IRGC strategist Hassan Abbasi: SEALs Cried When Captured by Iran, 20 U.S. Servicemen Commit Suicide Every Day, Yet the U.S. Wants to Attack Iran

#7124 | 05:53
Source: IRIB Ofogh TV (Iran)

IRGC strategist Hassan Abbasi claimed in a March 13, 2019 interview on Ofogh TV (Iran) that there is a new law that requires a new country to ratify the “homosexuals law” every three months. He claimed that 27 countries have ratified this “law” so far, and that Iran will be considered abnormal by the world because it will never legalize same-sex marriage. He also said that in 2016, several American super-commandos of the "SEAL navy" cried when they were captured by Iranian forces and that 20 American servicemembers commit suicide every day because they have nothing motivating them and they are not accepted by society. He said that the Zionist and Saudi soldiers suffer from these psychological problems as well and that this is in stark contrast to Iran, whose commanders pray for Jihad and martyrdom, and whose people believe that they are still alive even after being martyred for the sake of God. He added: “Our deterrent force will never be an atomic weapon… It is actually the culture of Jihad and martyrdom.”

Following are excerpts:


Hassan Abbasi: As you know, according to a new official law, a new country (ratifies) the "homosexuals law" every 3 months. They take the law to their parliament and ratify homosexuality there. The most recent country to do so was India. It is done very quickly. You must remember that the law was ratified by Germany and Australia last year. So far, 27 countries have ratified that law. If the rate of a new country every three months continues, most countries will have ratified the law within 10 years.




I can assure you that in 10 years, Iran will find itself in the list of countries under sanctions, because the whole world will have approved the homosexuality law, whereas we will refuse to approve same-sex marriages in parliament like the rest of the world. In 2016, several super-commandos of the America SEAL navy… These are commando forces operating in land, air, and sea. They are called Sea, Air, Land Commandos, or SEAL Navy in short. When they were captured here by our navy forces, they did not even rich for their weapons in order to shoot. These are super fighters. No one in the world is more commando than them. They can fight in sea, air, and land. Sea, Air, Land Commandos. SEAL Navy. You saw how they kneeled before our fighters with their hands behind their heads. They were crying. They knew that they'd be released in 4 hours, but they were crying. There is a picture of them crying. Their commander said to the cameras: "I apologize. Forgive me." On the other hand, you have the picture of Mohsen Hojaji, published by ISIS itself. Mohsen was walking to the place of his murder with the [ISIS] bastard behind him. He knew that he was about to be beheaded, but he did not cry or pretend to ask for forgiveness. So when an American super-commando soldier enters our territorial waters… You can tell he has no motivation to be here when he starts crying when he is captured. It is clear that he has no motivation. He is not motivated by patriotism, by valor, or by ideology. Why should he be? In order to be killed for the sake of liberalism? Can liberalism even be called an ideology, that someone would be killed for it? Is anyone dumb enough to lose his life for capitalism, so that the rich, the owners of cartels and trust funds, and the Trumps will have a good time in the U.S. while he loses his life here? For what?

Nader Talebzadeh: One of the signs of their collapse is that in the military system… How can it be that 20 people commit suicide every day in a certain army?

Hassan Abbasi: Exactly. When 20 people commit suicide… They do not die in the battlefield. They return [home] and suffer from anxiety and other problems. They have nightmares. They are in trouble and they take many medicines. You can see it on them when they return to society. If you recall, there was a Ted Kotcheff film with Sylvester Stallone in the early 1980s. It was called First Blood. Remember? [Rambo] returns from the Vietnam War and sees that nobody in society cares about him. And so, he started with his anarchistic behavior and caused mayhem. This is about someone who returned from the Vietnam War and was not accepted. Now the soldier returns to America. For what? He has nothing motivating him. This happens in the Zionist regime, in the American regime, and elsewhere. Even the Saudi soldiers that are fighting the Yemenis… but the Iraqi and Syrian soldiers are motivated by their desire to expel ISIS. The fighting forces in the army, the IRGC, and the Basin – when they go fight in other places, they have something motivating them: the defense of the holy places, expelling the terrorists, the liberation of the nations captured by terrorists, the goals of our precious Islam, and the aspirations to be martyred. When you have somebody like Qasem Soleimani… Many of the commanders of the Army, the IRGC, and the internal security forces are our friends from days past and we know them. Sometimes, when I would pray beside them – and you witnessed this… One of the things they repeat in their prayers is: "God, grant me the privilege of Jihad and martyrdom for Your sake." They have been asking for martyrdom for 20 to 30 years. Compare this to General Mattis, who runs away every time a popper goes off, or their super-commandos who kneel before our forces.




How much does it come out to? Twenty [suicides] per day, times 365 days every year… Look at this large number. Yet this army still wants to attack Iran. there are those who warn and scare the people about an attack by the American army. They take the bluffs of America and the Zionist regime seriously. America and the Zionist regime know that on the day they attack – as was said in the days of George Bush Jr. – the gates of Hell will open before them. A society whose soldiers commit suicide and don't have aspirations is standing before a nation [that believes] that martyrdom is bliss, that follows the path of Imam Hussein, and the value of which is that [its people] see themselves as alive when they are killed for the sake of God. Our deterrent force will never be an atomic weapon. Their deterrence is by means of atomic weapons, but our deterrence is actually the culture of Jihad and martyrdom.

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