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Oct 09, 2020
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IRGC Political Affairs Deputy General Yadollah Javani Threatens Gulf States, Adds: If We Need To Close The Strait of Hormuz, We Can Do It; We Can Raze Tel Aviv, Haifa To The Ground

#8362 | 06:03
Source: Al-Etejah TV (Iraq)

General Yadollah Javani, the Deputy Commander for IRGC political affairs, said in an October 9, 2020 interview on Etejah TV (Iraq) that Iran's "harsh revenge" against the United States for the killing of IRGC General Qasem Soleimani has not been completed. He reiterated the threat of IRGC Commander General Salami that Iran will target all those who were involved in Soleimani's death. General Javani also said that the United States is in no position to wage a war against Iran, that Iran will respond harshly to any attack or threat, and that countries in the region that help the United States or Israel would also be crushed if the U.S. or Israel attack Iran. Furthermore, General Javani said that Iran is capable of closing the Strait of Hormuz and of razing the Israeli cities of Tel Aviv and Haifa.

General Yadollah Javani: "The Americans have committed many mistakes in the past decades against the Iranian people and the Islamic Revolution. They also committed many mistakes in the region, like the occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq, their military presence in these countries, as well as creating terrorist groups. But it seems that one of their biggest mistakes – and they will no doubt witness the consequences of that mistake in the future – was the cowardly assassination of the martyr General Hajj Qasem Soleimani in such a hideous way. The martyr Abu Mahdi Al-Muhandis and a number of their honorable companions were martyred together with him.

"When this utterly loathsome and cowardly act took place – a conspicuous assassination carried out by America – and when Trump boasted about this crime, the Great Leader of the Revolution [Khamenei] immediately spoke about a harsh revenge. At the time, some people wondered about the meaning of 'harsh revenge.' Does that mean that the Islamic Republic of Iran will strive to assassinate an American general or an American official as revenge for General Soleimani? When the strategic Ayn Al-Asad base was targeted with precision missiles that destroyed the Americans' equipment and capabilities in the Ayn Al-Asad base in Iraq, some people thought that the harsh revenge was accomplished, and it was all over.

"On the same day, the Great Leader of the Revolution [Khamenei] said that a strong slap was delivered the night before, but that a strong slap does not amount to harsh revenge. Harsh revenge is completely different from any other measure. General Salami, the honorable commander of the IRGC said: 'We will target all those who were involved – directly or indirectly – in this reprehensible crime.' This will be accomplished, no matter what. But [Salami] added that harsh revenge means the destruction of the arrogant [American] rule.


"Basically, today the Americans are not in a position to wage any war against the Iranian people, based on [our] political analysis as well as the situation on the ground. The Americans know full well that they have not won any war they waged, and they are in a position that does not allow them to even think of entering a war against the Iranian people. When they send an aircraft carrier to the region, it is only done in order to intimidate and for propaganda purposes. We think that the entrance of American ships to the Persian Gulf negates the possibility of war, because the Americans know full well that their entrance to the Persian Gulf portends inevitable death for them as well as the end of their power in the region, because in case of war, it is impossible for the Americans to leave the Persian Gulf safely.


"The Islamic Republic of Iran has said many times, through the leader of the Revolution, in his capacity as commander-in-chief of the armed forces, through the senior commanders of the IRGC and the army, as well as through the Minister of Defense, and this is a basic and obvious matter – if our lands or our national interests are harmed or threatened in any way, by any party or person, then we will destroy the source of the threat. In other words, if the Americans and the Zionists think that they cause the problem for us by using the territory of [the UAE and Bahrain], then the Americans – as well as those who want to provide the Americans with these capabilities – should know that the Islamic Republic of Iran does not joke with anyone in matters concerning its national security, and if any of these little countries in the region tried to provide the Americans and the Zionists with capabilities they can use against us, then the Zionists will receive a crushing response along with the countries that helped them and provided them with that infrastructure. We have both the will and the capability to do that.

"What the Islamic Republic of Iran says is not merely slogans, it comes from the will for the response to be absolute, crushing, a response that causes regret. Throughout the recent decades, the Iranian people and its armed forces have proved that they issue only threats they can carry out. Today, the Iranian people have the ability to carry out its threats in practice, in an evident way.

"For example, if there is a need to close the Strait of Hormuz, and the Islamic Republic of Iran announces its intention to do so, then it is undoubtedly capable of doing so, despite the presence of the American ships there. When the Great Leader of the Revolution [Khamenei] says that if the Zionists commit a foolish act, Tel Aviv and Haifa will be razed to the ground, then we have the ability to do so. We are able to devastate the Zionist entity with our precision ballistic missiles. Naturally, the countries of the region know the limits of their capabilities, their geopolitical position, and their points of weakness. The territory of some of these countries is equal to that of one of our small provinces."

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