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Jan 24, 2016
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IRGC Navy Commander Ali Fadavi: We Have Naval Vessels, Missiles in Underground Cities along the Persian Gulf Coastline

#5305 | 05:04
Source: IRINN TV (Iran)

In a January 24 IRINN TV interview, IRGC Navy Commander Ali Fadavi said that Iran had land-to-sea missiles "in tunnels along the Persian Gulf coastline." "In addition to missiles, we have many naval vessels, kept in underground cities," he said.

Following are excerpts:

Ali Fadavi: It is very strange that despite various American claims, including the claim that they have control over their units, for about two hours they did not know the whereabouts of [their sailors]. We were the ones who informed them.


The [Americans] launched 10-18 airplanes from their aircraft carrier.

Interviewer: They launched them?

Ali Fadavi: Yes. They usually do so in order to carry out operations in Iraq, and so on, but this time, they launched them because of [their missing sailors]. Some of their airplanes reached the skies of the island. We had full control over them. We knew the precise location of all the airplanes and helicopters, and we were aware of the movements of their naval vessels, and therefore, we were in control.


Interviewer: After the release of the sailors, did we receive any commitment [that this would not be repeated]?

Ali Fadavi: They themselves said that they had made a mistake, and they apologized.


The might of the Islamic Revolution cannot be compared to the power of any arrogant force in the world – not only to America – from creation until the end of time. Why? Because the might of the Islamic Revolution has associated itself with the infinite might of God, and no force is comparable to a force associated with the might of God. The world does not understand this, but our revolutionary Muslims people understands this. The Americans do not understand God, and do not take Him into their reckonings. They do not understand martyrdom, and nor do they understand Islam. They do, however, understand [the language of] might, because they themselves conduct themselves on this basis.


We have land-to-sea missiles, with very heavy warheads, located in tunnels along the Persian Gulf coastline. The Americans themselves once said that the IRGC navy forces had dug over a thousand tunnels along the coast of the Persian Gulf. In addition to missiles, these tunnels are full of naval vessels. Since the 1988 war, the Americans have been plagued by the nightmare of these fast boats. I am talking about fast boats, mines, and land-to-sea missiles. In addition to missiles, we have many naval vessels, kept in underground cities, which are called "cities of naval vessels," not "cities of missiles." At some point, we will present them to our revolutionary nation. As you know, the Americans have great [military] abilities. They have an annual military budget of 700-800 billion dollars. Compare this to all the oil that we can sell…

Interviewer: To what extent is there a correlation between what the Americans know about our defense capabilities and equipment, and between what we actually have?

Ali Fadavi: As I have said several times, we cannot compare what the Americans know to what they don't know. Moreover, what they know is what we want them to know, and what we have demonstrated in our maneuvers and elsewhere, or when we received this [equipment] from the Defense Ministry. They are aware only of what we have shown them. When will the American learn about the things we haven't shown them? We will demonstrate this at a certain point, in accordance with our interests, or when the time is right. At that point the Americans will know [our abilities], but it will be too late for them.


With regard to fast boats, the main fear of the Americans, we have boats that are twice as fast as the Americans' boats. We have conducted tests in which we managed to reach three times their speed, and we will demonstrate this. With regard to mines, the Americans are concerned about mines from the 1960s and 1970s, but the mines we possess belong to the second decade of the 21st century.