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Sep 26, 2010
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IRGC Navy Commander Admiral Ali Fadavi: If the Americans Violate Iranian Territorial Waters "Even If Only by a Few Centimeters," We Will "Confront Them Forcefully"

#2617 | 04:35
Source: Al-Alam Network (Iran)

Following are excerpts from an interview with IRGC Navy Commander Admiral Ali Fadavi, which aired on Al-Alam TV, on September 26, 2010:

Ali Fadavi: The Americans have always been preparing for hostility against Iran. 327 American ships are present in the waters of the Persian Gulf. They brought all these fleets. This is not something new that the Americans are doing. The truth is that the Americans have failed in all their strategies throughout the years. They have not managed to accomplish their goals – for example, in the eight-year war that was imposed on us, and later, in the war between Iraq and Kuwait. They also failed in the Afghanistan war, as well as in Iraq, following the fall [of the regime]. In any case, the results were the opposite of what they were trying to accomplish.


The American weapon factories have their own private policies, and those policies ignited the wars in the region. They have deceived several countries in the region. They are always trying to sow the seeds of strife in this region, and to arouse the concerns of its countries. Unfortunately, the Americans continue to adopt such policies. The Americans have always made problems for ships of countries in this region, and would then accuse Iran. In the wake of all the strife and concerns they instigated, they have been selling their weapons to the region’s countries.


As long as the US presence in this region does not target our interests, we will not take any action against it. This has been the case for many years. But if the Americans transgress – even if only by a few centimeters – and if they fail to follow the international laws, while passing through the Strait of Hormuz or opposite the Iranian shore, we will definitely confront them forcefully. In the north of the Persian Gulf, we had several clashes with US forces, and once, we even arrested 13 Americans who entered Iranian waters. We do not care who it is who infiltrates our territorial waters – whether they are Americans, British, or from other foreign countries. We will definitely confront them forcefully and resolutely.

Since the illegal decision against us was taken, no Iranian ship has been intercepted for search in this region. In return, we refrained from doing the same. The policy of Iran is to reply in kind – quickly and resolutely.


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