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Jun 30, 2016
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IRGC Deputy Commander Salami on Qods Day: Over 100,000 Missiles in Lebanon Alone Are Ready to Strike at the Heart of Israel; Today, More than Ever, Its Annihilation Is Imminent

#5549 | 02:20
Source: IRIB/ Jaam-E-Jam1 TV (Iran)

Speaking at a sermon in Tehran prior to the Friday prayers marking Qods Day, on July 1, 2016, IRGC Deputy Commander Hossein Salami said that the ground is ready today for the annihilation of the Zionist regime, elaborating that over 100,000 missiles were waiting in Lebanon alone and that tens of thousands of other missiles were placed throughout the Muslim world in order to wipe "the accursed black dot" from the map of the world. Salami also threatened Kurdish leaders in northern Iraq to keep their promises, saying that Iran would "completely destroy any place that constitutes a threat to our regime." The sermon was broadcast on IRIB TV.


Following are excerpts:



Hossein Salami: Today, more than ever, there is fertile ground - with the grace of God - for the annihilation, the wiping out, and the collapse of the Zionist regime. In Lebanon alone, over 100,000 missiles are ready to be launched. If there is a will, if it serves [our] interests, and if the Zionist regime repeats its past mistakes due to its miscalculations, these missiles will pierce through space, and will strike at the heart of the Zionist regime. They will prepare the ground for its great collapse in the new era.






Tens of thousands of other high-precision, long-range missiles, with the necessary destructive capabilities, have been placed in various places throughout the Islamic world. They are just waiting for the command, so that when the trigger is pulled, the accursed black dot will be wiped off the geopolitical map of the world, once and for all.






Today, unlike in the past, the potential exists to destroy this regime and to make it collapse. The Zionist regime does not have strategic depth on the ground for defense purposes. In some places, the regime has a depth of only 14-24 kilometers. In a single ground attack, its back will be broken.






I warn the senior [Kurdish] officials in northern Iraq to keep their promises. We will completely destroy any place that constitutes a threat to our regime, without taking anything into consideration.





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