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Jan 15, 2021
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General Hajizadeh, Commander Of IRGC Aerospace Force: The Americans Are Terrified Of Us; B-52 Bombers Are Outdated And Vulnerable; We Taught The Russians Our Reconnaissance Methods

#8627 | 02:21
Source: Channel 2 (Iran)

General Amir-Ali Hajizadeh, commander of IRGC Aerospace Force referred to the American B-52 bombers flying over Iran on channel 2 Iranian TV on January 15, 2021. He said that the Americans are "terrified" of Iran, and this is why despite Iranian drones flying over American ships, they have not retaliated. General Hajizadeh said that Iran can send 500 missiles at once and render all the American bases in the region inoperative all within minutes. He added that the B-52 bomber is an “outdated” plane and is much more vulnerable than the MQ4 spy plane. General Hajizadeh showed the reporter a monitor on which American UAV movement could be seen on the southern border of Iran.

General Amir-Ali Hajizadeh: "In a single moment, all the [American] bases in the region can be rendered inoperative by firing 500 missiles. They can be hit with such a powerful blow that will make things irreversible. 

"One day, I met the commander of the Russian Aerospace force. He came to Iran and I showed him footage from the Persian Gulf. I showed him how we use a drone to position ourselves above the [American] ships. He said to me: 'They don't target you? They don't see you? Aren't you afraid?' I said to him: 'General, try this.' So they also positioned themselves above the [American] ship. I said to him: "General, don't worry.' All the generals of different countries learn from this move by Iran."

Interviewer: "Russia?"

Hajizadeh: "Yes. Yes. The Commander of the Russian Aerospace force. Then he asked: 'How come they don't target you?' I said: 'They don't dare. If they strike us, we will strike too.'"


Interviewer: "Has their [military] presence diminished in the past year? Has anything special happened?"

Hajizadeh: "No, their presence has not diminished, but they are terrified. They are scared. Recently, there is movement of their B-52 planes... It is all because they are worried. They are scared. They are terrified."


"The [B-52] is an outdated plane and can be hit by missiles. The B-52 is much more vulnerable than the American MQ4 spy plane. 

"This is an MQ-9 at the south of [the city of] Jask, right? Yes, it is flying here. What is that one? That's an RQ-4. It is the same model that was downed [by us]. It is there. Look. You see? It is near north-east Qatar. See? It is in north Qatar."

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