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Feb 09, 2022
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IRGC Aerospace Force Unveils The 'Khaybar Smasher', A New Surface-To-Surface Missile

#9355 | 02:54
Source: Channel 1 (Iran)

On February 9, 2022, Channel 1 (Iran) aired a report about the IRGC Aerospace Force's recent unveiling of the Khaybar Shekan ("Khaybar Smasher"), a new surface-to-surface missile. According to the report, the missile is an "all-Iranian" strategic long-range precision missile with a range of 1,450 km. The report showed footage of missile testing from a "secret testing site" in Iran. IRGC General Mohammad Bagheri, Chief-of-Staff of Iran’s armed forces, told reporters that the enemies of Islam and Iran only understand the language of force. It is noteworthy that the missile's name refers to the battle of Khaybar, in which the Muslims fought the Jews who inhabited the Khaybar oasis and defeated them.

Host: "The strategic, long-range, all-Iranian precision missile Khaybar Shekan [Khaybar Smasher] has been unveiled. The missile belongs to the third generation of IRGC's long-range missiles, and it has some unique characteristics, like solid fuel, maneuverability, and extraordinary speed when hitting targets within a range of 1,450 km."

Narrator: "A secret missile-testing site in Iran. This is the new IRGC tactical missile called 'Khaybar Smasher.' Its declared range is 1,450 kilometers. In military jargon, it is said to belong to the Fateh-110 tactical missile family. This missile was produced in 2004, to meet Iran's tactical need for short-range [missiles]. It had a 10-meter accuracy in hitting the target."

Missile Controller: "Fire!"

Narrator: "Simultaneously, the Shahab missiles were developed. They were first tested in 2003, had a range of 1,700 kilometers, and constituted Iran's strategic deterrence. The following generations of the Shahab missiles had a range of 2,500 kilometers. The problem of Iran's missiles back then was accuracy in hitting the target - in other words, how to guide them to a specific point.

"You could not be 100% certain that the missile would reach the target. In subsequent missile projects, a focus on warhead and guidance accuracy was added to the agenda. The Zolfaqar and Dezfoul missile were produced and tested with this goal in mind. Along with the missile accuracy their range increased as well - 700 kilometers and 1,000 kilometers.

"Now, the [different] generations of Iran's tactical missiles hit their targets with an accuracy of under two meters. These missiles are tactical in the sense that you can prepare them for attack in a very short time. Since they use solid fuel, you can prepare them for launching in less than an hour. They can be stored in [launching] silos. The 'Khaybar Smasher' is the new generation of these missiles.

"The missile [is very] accurate, and its warhead can be guided to the target until the very last moment."

Mohammad Bagheri: "The enemies of Islam, of the Revolution, and of the Islamic Republic do not understand any language except for the language of force."

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