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Feb 27, 2005
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Iraqis Protest Decision to Make Saturday Official Day of Rest Because of Similarity to Judaism

#577 | 01:18
Source: Al-Alam Network (Iran)LBC (Lebanon)

The following are excerpts from reports on LBC TV and Al-Alam TV of protest in Iraq against a decision to make Saturday an official day of rest.

Reporter: The issue cause a great controversy in Iraqi society, which culminated in student demonstrations in several cities, such as B'aquba, protesting the decision. Some think this decision manifests closeness to the West and even Israel, since Saturday is the day of rest in Judaism.

Sheik Ahmad Al-Samraai: Why not Thursday, like the UAE and Gulf states? I think this is an attempt to court the Zionists and to flatter the Israeli entity at the expense of our honor.


Young protester: This decision is not valid. the days of rest should be Thursday and Friday. On what grounds did they decide upon Saturday? This is the Jewish day of rest. They have imposed the cross on the Koran. This is unacceptable.

"Saturday as a formal day of rest begins the implementation of the Zionists' plots."

Demonstrator: No to the Jews, No to the Jews. No to the Jews, No to the Jews.

Saturday is the Jewish day of rest, Saturday is the Jewish day of rest.

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