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Jul 20, 2014
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Iraqi TV Host Breaks Down in Tears at Plight of Christians

#4428 | 01:59
Source: Asia TV (Iraq)

TV host Nahi Mahdi broke down sobbing live on air during a TV show discussing the plight of the Christians in Iraq. "They are our own flesh and blood," he said, after wiping his tears on his kaffiyeh and regaining his composure. The show aired on the Iraqi Asia TV channel on July 20.

Guest: "[It is terrible] when people come and force you to leave your home. This is what happened to the Christians today."

Nahi Mahdi: "Yes, the Christians. Today... I cried, at home."

Mahdi breaks down in tears

Guest: "This is one genuine Iraqi we have here."

Nahi Mahdi: "I went to the Al-Marbad market, near the city of Al-Zubeir. There is an area there which is predominantly Christian. I swear, they never made us feel... They are our own flesh and blood. Some of them have left for Sweden or Germany... Who does [ISIS] think it is to drive out our fellow countrymen?! I want to take the people of Mosul and the government to task. They must take immediate measures to help these people. Our country is like a rose, and its petals are the Christians, the Arabs, the Kurds, the Sabians, the Shabak people... These are all our countrymen. I don't know what to say about this [ISIS]."

Iraqi Poet Abu Al-Hassanein Al-Rub'i: "The Christians have done nothing wrong. They haven't hurt a soul. On the contrary, they are peaceful people, who love all sects. They are honorable people, with high moral values. They always maintain their sense of justice. We stand a hundred percent in solidarity with them."

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