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Feb 18, 2021
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Iraqi Shi'ite Scholar Asaad Al-Naseri: 'Iraq Is Under Iranian Occupation'; The Rule Of The Jurisprudent Has Destroyed The People Of Iran And The Region

#8719 | 01:47
Source: UTV (Iraq)

Iraqi Shi'ite scholar Asaad Al-Naseri said that "Iraq is under Iranian occupation," and it controls Iraq in terms of security, politics, and economy. Al-Naseri made these remarks in an interview with UTV (Iraq) that aired on February 18, 2021. He said that the Rule of the Jurisprudent has destroyed not only the Iranian people, but other countries in the region as well, such as Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, and Iraq. Al-Naseri asked how the people of Iran, who had experienced openness under the Shah's rule, could possibly have become so religious in such a short period of time. He said that many religious scholars and thinkers have been placed under house arrest, sent to prison, or executed by the "tyrannical" Rule of the Jurisprudent. 

Assad Al-Naseri: "Iraq is under Iranian occupation. You can call it occupation par excellence, call it hegemony, colonialism, occupation, or whatever you like. There is no dispute over the term, but [Iran] controls [Iraq] in terms of the security, politics, and economy. The main driving force behind this is the concept of the Rule of the Jurisprudent. The Rule of the Jurisprudent is one of the things that have destroyed the Iranian people, in particular, as well as other countries in the region such as Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, and Iraq.


"Does it make sense that the Iranian people, who experienced openness under the Shah, and at the time was considered to be close to the Europeans... Does it make sense that in a short period these people became completely religious? Does it make sense that all the women [suddenly] wear hijab in the street? Many religious scholars and thinkers have been either imprisoned, placed under house arrest, or executed. Members of the opposition have been executed.


"This tyrannical rule is being implemented by the Rule of the Jurisprudent in Iran."

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