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Apr 13, 2021
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Iraqi Shi'ite Scholar Sheikh Saad Al-Mudaris: The Jews Used Their Money To Spread Darwinism Throughout The World In An Attempt To Remove The Shame Of Being Descendants Of Apes And Pigs

#8799 | 02:06
Source: Online Platforms - "Sheikh Al-Mudaris on YouTube"

Iraqi Shi'ite scholar Sheikh Saad Al-Mudaris said that the Jews are pleased with Charles Darwin's theory that humankind is descended from apes, in order to remove their shame of being the descendants of those Allah had turned into apes and pigs. He made these remarks in a lecture that was posted on his YouTube channel on April 10, 2021. Al-Mudaris said that the Jews spread Darwinism throughout the world and that they used their money to make universities and institutes teach this theory. He continued to say that people who were convinced by this theory also started to pursue sexual promiscuity. This is because once the Europeans came to believe that the first man originated in apes, they decided to emulate their "ape forefathers" and "just have sex in public."

Sheikh Saad Al-Mudaris: "Charles Darwin claimed that the first man descended from apes, and this theory pleased the Jews, who have spread it around. Why? They are malicious. Who did Allah transform into apes? The Jews. Being descendants of apes has become the Jews' badge of shame. Since Charles Darwin said that the first man had originated in a group of apes, no one could be described as more despicable than the other. If you say that our [Jewish] ancestors were transformed into apes and pigs - well, Charles Darwin says that the first man was created through an evolutionary link or a genetic mutation of apes. So what is the origin of all of us? Apes!

"The [Jews] have spread this theory. The problem is that many nations around the world have come to believe Charles Darwin's theory. The Jews used their money to make universities and institutions teach this theory. They organized symposiums and debates.

"People who were ultimately persuaded by Charles Darwin's theory that the first man originated from apes have entered the realm of sexual promiscuity. When did sexual promiscuity appear in Europe? Right from the start? If you go back 150-200 years, you see that [women] in Europe wore the hijab. There are documents online that show... There is a photograph of London 110 years ago and all the women wear the hijab - and they did not wear just one hijab. More like two or three.

"How has European society come to believe in the culture of nudity? Once they came to believe that the first man originated in apes, they said: 'what's the point? Why should we marry a woman without being able to divorce her? What do we need the church for? Why can't we live like our forefathers the apes and just have sex in public?'

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