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May 09, 2019
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Iraqi Shiite Militia Leader Sheikh Akram Al-Kaabi: We Will Turn Tel Aviv, Haifa into Deserts; Will Chop off the Heads of the Snake – U.S., Israel

#7217 | 02:17
Source: Al-Nujaba TV (Iraq)

Iraqi Shiite militia leader Sheikh Akram Al-Kaabi, the Secretary-General of the Al-Nujaba Movement, said in May 9, 2019 speech that aired on Al-Nujaba TV (Iraq) that the Iraqi people have an "important responsibility" regarding the "road to Jerusalem," which he said will "pave the way" to the "state of divine justice that will liberate the entire world from oppression, slavery, humiliation, and subjugation." He said that the Al-Nujaba Movement will continue fighting Israel even after the elimination of the "takfiri groups" for which he said Israel is responsible and that it will end Israel's existence, restore the land to its owners, and liberate Jerusalem from the Zionists' impurity. Sheikh Al-Kaabi threatened that the day will come that Tel Aviv and Haifa will be indistinguishable from the Atacama Desert in South America, and he said that the Movement's members will not remove their war fatigues until they have chopped off the heads of the "snakes" that are Israel and America, which he described as the "fountain of terrorism."

Following are excerpts:


Akram Al-Kaabi: In Iraq, when we recall the words of Khomeini, that 'the road to Jerusalem goes through the Karbala,' we know full well that the resistance and the Iraqi people have an important responsibility. With all certainty, this road will pave the way to the state of divine justice that will liberate the entire world from oppression, slavery, humiliation, and subjugation.




When we, in the Nujaba movement, declared the formation of the Golan Brigade, we wanted the Zionist entity to know full well that we shall not bow down before its takfiri projects, which wage a proxy war on its behalf, so it may enjoy peace, while its proxies are killing the Muslims. Our role will not end, even when we eliminate this creation. Let the [Zionists] hear me: Our jihadi goal, after we eliminate your takfiri groups, is to completely end your existence, restore the land to its owners, and liberate Jerusalem from your impurity. The supreme goal of the resistance to the global arrogance – the accursed triangle of evil, which colonizes countries and starves and kills nations – is not limited by geographical borders. This can be examined from a geopolitical perspective. Therefore, thousands of kilometers away from Palestine, we have raised the banner of 'Jerusalem is ours.' The Nujaba movement is confronting the Zionist entity on various levels. On the military level, Jerusalem is the symbol of our resistance, and the Golan is the symbol of our military force in Syria.




You should fear the day we will raise the banners of Fatima. On that day, you won't be able to distinguish Tel Aviv and Haifa from the Atacama Desert in South America.




We will not take off our war fatigues until we chop off the head of the snake – America and Israel, the fountain of terrorism.

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