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May 22, 2016
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Iraqi Shi'ite Militia Leader Aws Al-Khafaji: This Is Our Opportunity to Eradicate the Fallujah Tumor

#5483 | 00:43
Source: The Internet

Iraqi Shi'ite militia leader Aws Al-Khafaji, the Secretary-General of the Abu Fadhl Al-Abbas Brigades, addressed members of his militia preparing for the expected operation to liberate Fallujah. In a video posted on the YouTube account of the Brigades, Al-Khafaji says: "This is our opportunity to cleanse Iraq by eradicating the Fallujah tumor."

Following are excerpts

Aws Al-Khafaji: Fallujah has been the fountain head of terrorism since 2004 and to this day. Rare are the tribal sheikhs there who are human beings. There is not a single patriotic person there, nor is there a single devout cleric, who adheres even to the Sunni doctrine. This is our opportunity to cleanse Iraq by eradicating the Fallujah tumor - an opportunity to cleanse Iraq and to purge Islam all over the world.


We are seeking victory, not martyrdom. Allah promised us victory.


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