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May 07, 2021
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Iraqi Militia Leader Alaa Al-Jazaeri: Al-Qaeda Only Killed Iraqis – Not Americans; Almost All American Soldiers Killed In Iraq Were Killed By Shi'ite Factions

#8874 | 01:13
Source: Asia TV (Iraq)

Iraqi militia leader, Alaa Al-Jazaeri, Deputy Secretary-General of the Iranian-backed Al-Nujaba Movement, said that all the American soldiers killed in Iraq were killed by Shi'ite factions. He made these remarks in an interview that aired on Asia TV (Iraq) on May 7, 2021. Al-Jazaeri explained that although Al-Qaeda claims responsibility for the majority of American military casualties, in fact, the "Islamic resistance" was responsible for this, while "Al-Qaeda was a project for the killing of Iraqis."

Interviewer: "What percentage of the [American] casualties have been killed by the Shiite factions?"

Alaa Al-Jazaeri: "The Islamic resistance in Iraq is broadly responsible for all the operations against the Americans. All these casualties are credited to the Islamic resistance and its attacks. This is 25% of the American casualties. That great army pulled out of Iraq in defeat, and the U.S. does not dare to intervene in any country where there is a war..."

Interviewer: "But Al-Qaeda has claimed responsibility for most of those casualties."

Al-Jazaeri: "This is not true. Al-Qaeda knows how to blow up our marketplaces and our schools. Al-Qaeda was a project for the killing of Iraqis."

Interviewer: "Are you denying that Al-Qaeda has killed Americans?"

Al-Jazaeri: "Not even one percent [of the American casualties]."

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