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May 14, 2009
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Iraqi Shiite Cleric Mazen Sai’di: Global Freemasonry behind Saudi Wahhabism

#2238 | 03:28
Source: Al-Kawthar TV (Iran)

Following are excerpts from an interview with Iraqi Shiite cleric Sheik Mazen Sai'di, which aired on Al-Kawthar TV, on May 14, 2009.

Mazen Sai'di: As we know, the movement of Salafism, of takfir, and of Wahhabism were created by global Freemasonry, in order to attack Islam in the name of Islam. These movements raise the banner of Islam, but have nothing to do with Islam. They want to gnaw away at Islam from within, and they have already had a major impact on this towering fortress [of Islam] by reflecting badly on it. Today, the Western media focuses on the conduct of these movements, in order to show the world that Islam is a bloodthirsty religion, which is based on nothing but violence. All this is because of these movements.

Of course, the hostility toward Islam in general, and toward the Shia in particular, originates in global Freemasonry, which has several branches. The religious and ideological branch of global Freemasonry consists of the movements of Salafism and takfir, whose conduct is nothing new. A few days ago, they prevented [Shiite] pilgrims from visiting the Tomb of the Prophet, and the graves of the Imams at the Baqi' cemetery in [Al-Madina]. They did these things in front of the whole world, and nobody says a thing.

That is the religious and ideological branch. As for the political branch – it comprises the current Arab governments, which try, as much as possible, to undermine the Shia. They present the Shia as the number one enemy, rather than Israel. The Arab governments join forces with Israel in attacking the Shia.

This is what happened in Hizbullah's confrontation with Israel. When Hizbullah confronted Israel on behalf of Islam and all the Arabs, the Arab governments did not keep silent, but worse still, opposed Hizbullah. While Israel goes wild in the Arab countries and kills innocent people in Palestine nobody talks about Israel. All they talk about is Iran, and about Iran's role in Iraq and in the Middle East. They try to portray Iran as the number one enemy.


We know full well that Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Jordan support terrorism in Iraq, and that the terrorists have Saudi, Syrian, Moroccan, and other citizenships. Nevertheless, these TV channels never talk about the negative role played by these countries in Iraq, but only about the role Iran plays in Iraq. Why is this? For one reason – to attack the Shia. This is because Iran is the only [country] confronting America and Israel. Hizbullah confronts American and Israel as well. All these political and religious bodies and media [organizations] are nothing but tools in the hands of global Freemasonry...

Interviewer: You are talking about a scheme, honorable sheik.

Mazen Sai'di: ... tools for attacking Iran, Hizbullah, and the Shiite factions waging resistance in Iraq, because they are the ones confronting the Freemason schemes in the Middle East.