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Oct 31, 2004
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Iraqi Sheik Al-Kubeissi: World Leaders' Stupidity A Sign Judgement Day Is Nearing

#329 | 02:04
Source: Dubai

The following are excerpts from a lecture by Iraqi sheik Ahmad Kubeisi:

Sheik Ahmad Kubeisi: At the end of time, before Judgment Day, you see that many of those who rule the nations of the world are very stupid. We know that the presidents of some large countries of the world are rotten people and bisexuals. We see that in some of the Muslim countries a policeman becomes minister of defense. A policeman, who stands guard with his rifle at the entrance to a small government office, this policeman becomes minister of defense the following day.

A corporal, only one rank above the policeman, became chairman of the joint chiefs of staff and he has command of major-generals, generals, brigadier-generals and colonels. He kills this one and slaughters that other one, fires this one and promotes the other, and he doesn't even know how to write his own name. When he writes the word "Allah", he puts two dots above the "h", turning it into a "t".. We've also saw that a Health Ministry clerk in a certain country became prime minister.

There are other examples. A private first class becomes the commander of a military base, a battalion, or brigade, and he has command over talented and serious people and officers who underwent military courses overseas, waged wars, and have great expertise in this field, and a policeman or low-ranking soldier commands them, for no reason other than that he was part of the gang who took power, and thus, such people have taken control over all aspects of life in this country.

All of this country's ambassadors were formerly elementary school teachers. The finance minister used to work as a moneychanger, in a small village. He was a moneychanger who sat with a small box and he doesn't know how to read and write properly – this guy became minister of industry.

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