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Mar 31, 2020
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Visions of the Post-Coronavirus World - Iraqi Security Expert Adnan Al-Kanani: World War between Europe and the U.S. Expected; COVID-19 Is American-Made

#7915 | 01:32
Source: Alghadeer TV (Iraq)

Iraqi security expert Colonel (Ret.) Adnan Al-Kanani said in a March 31, 2020 interview on Al-Ghadir TV (Iraq) that all indications show that COVID-19 was produced in American labs, that it may have been a biological weapon against China, that the countries of the world are realizing that America has been implementing "Hitler's theory" by toying with the world and its resources, and that these facts may lead to the formation of an international alliance, such as a "Chinese-German-Korean-French-British-Russian alliance," that would be directed against U.S. influence. Al-Kanani predicted that World War III may be on the horizon – a war between Europe and the U.S. - and that these are America's last moments.

Colonel (Ret.) Adnan Al-Kanani: "There may be a new map of international alliances in the future. It seems that most countries have begun to realize that America has implemented Hitler's theory and that it has been toying with the world's resources."

Interviewer: "Using armies..."

Colonel (Ret.) Adnan Al-Kanani: "The U.S. administration has used the military power at its disposal, as well as the International Monetary Fund. Thus, the U.S. has caused the European countries and the countries of the world internal problems and strife, as well as political and economic pressure. Therefore, [these countries] may turn to China. There may be a new alliance led by China or Germany or it could be a Chinese-German-Korean-French-British-Russian alliance. Such an alliance is possible and it would be directed against U.S. influence. This indicates that there is a new world war on the horizon – a war against America by the European countries.


"Even the coronavirus may have been a biological attack on China, in order to bring Chinese enterprise to a halt. However, the tables have turned. It may have been done with European consent or with Chinese knowhow, only God knows, but all indications show that the coronavirus was produced in American labs.


"I believe that these are their last moments. America reached its peak and has begun to decline – not just today, it has been so for a long while."

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