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Aug 25, 2019
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Iraqi Researcher Muayad Algehiche: We Should Recognize That Iraq Does Not Have the Military Capability to Pose a Threat to Israel

#7471 | 03:37
Source: Al-Rasheed TV (Iraq)

Iraqi researcher Muayad Algehiche said in an August 25, 2019 interview on Al-Rasheed TV (Iraq) that Iraq should recognize that it does not pose a threat to Israel because it does not have weapons or technology that can compare to Israel's. He said that the threats made by Iraqi militias against Israel are meaningless and that even Iran does not have military capabilities that can stand against Israel. Algehiche gave the example of the F-35 jets, which he said are so stealthy that only Allah can detect them, and he pointed out that neither Hamas, Hizbullah, not Syria have attacked Israel. In addition, Algehiche said that Hassan Nasrallah declared that Hizbullah would engage Israeli drones in Lebanese airspace (see MEMRI TV Clip No. 7439) because it cannot respond to Israeli aggression near the border or within Israel itself.

Following are excerpts:


Muayad Algehiche: Today, we need to be aware what we are worth. We do not pose a threat to Israel… Did you know that Iraq has been prevented from arming itself since 1991? Today, 29 years later, we do not have weapons or technology. Today, 29 years later, if you do the calculations, you will see that we are worthless in the international military balance [of power] – not only in comparison to Israel, but even in comparison to Jordan. In terms of armament, we are nothing. We are lacking in everything. [PMU Deputy Chairman] Abu Mahdi Al-Muhandis and [Asa'ib Ahl Al-Haq leader] Qais Khazali are threatening Israel… They are worth nothing compared to Israel's weapons. We need to realize our real worth. As an Iraqi… For example, if my colleague were to say that we will topple Israel and throw it into the sea, then I would tell him: "You and your followers can go fight Israel." [I would say this] just like [Iraqi PM] Nuri Al-Said told the people during the protests… He told them: "You want to fight? I brought you buses, and anybody who wants to volunteer can go to Israel." The next day, not one person came. Brother, you cannot beat Israel. Why don't you know your real worth? Neither you nor Iran have weapons that can match Israel's.

Other Guest: Are you Israel's spokesman?

Muayad Algehiche: Brother, I am talking about our worth…

Other Guest: [You] should be ashamed to say that the Iraqis are worth nothing. Ashamed!

Muayad Algehiche: I am talking about armament… I am not talking about us as men. If we were to return to the age of the rifle, then we really would be able to throw Israel into the sea… But today, we are in 2019, and only Allah can detect F-35's… No radar can detect them – only Allah.

Host: All the resistance factions, as well as the PMU and its Secretary-General, cannot deter Israel because of a few planes? You call yourself Iraqi?

Muayad Algehiche: No, they cannot. Give me 30 seconds to explain. Today, there are three fronts in the resistance against Israel. There is the eastern front in the Golan. There is the southern front, which consists of Hizbullah, and there is the western front, which consists of Hamas, since [Hamas] also follows Iran. Not one of these [groups] has shot a single bullet towards Israel. Today, you saw Hassan Nasrallah's declaration that he will respond within Lebanon for what Israel has done – this means that he cannot respond near the border with Israel or in Israel itself.




This reminds me what was said by the military commanders who pushed Saddam Hussein into a war with America in 2003. Some people, as well as other military men, came to him and said: "We do not have weapons that can stand against these countries and America. Let's negotiate [with them]." Despite this, there were military commanders – if they are dead, may Allah not forgive them – who said to Saddam Hussein: "Go fight, we have a guy named Minqash who downed an Apache helicopter, and we have a fighter who shot a tank and set it on fire." And we all know how that ended. Know your real worth and your abilities. You cannot defeat Israel.