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Sep 17, 2019
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Iraqi Researcher Hashem Al-Kindi: Iraqi Hezbollah Brigades Refrained from Assassinating Obama Because Iraq's President Was Standing Next to Him

#7493 | 01:14

Hashem Al-Kindi, an Iraqi researcher who works with the Al-Hadaf Research Center, said in a September 17, 2019 interview on Al-Diyar TV (Iraq) that dozens of operations against U.S. targets in Iraq that the Islamic resistance in Iraq had planned to carry out have been canceled because of the presence of Iraqi civilians and "out of respect for Iraq's sovereignty." He claimed that in 2009, the Hezbollah Brigades had even identified U.S. President Barack Obama at the airport in Baghdad and that they had the ability to assassinate him using drones, but he said that they had refrained from killing Obama because the Iraqi president was standing next to him. Al-Kindi claimed that this was captured on film and that there is a documentary about it.


Hashem Al-Kindi: Dozens of operations that the Islamic resistance in Iraq had planned have been called off, and this has been filmed and broadcasted. It has [refrained from] targeting the Americans – who have declared themselves to be occupiers – because of the presence of Iraqi civilians. This has to do with Iraqi sovereignty. In 2009, U.S. President Obama was identified at the airport in Baghdad. The Islamic resistance factions – namely the Hezbollah Brigades – identified Obama's [location] and were capable of killing him using the same drones that we are talking about today. Of course, this was filmed, and there is a documentary about it. The Islamic resistance refrained from killing President Obama, who had declared himself to be an occupier, because the Iraqi president was right next to him. This was done out of respect for Iraq's sovereignty.

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