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Oct 15, 2020
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Iraqi Politician Misha'an Al-Juburi: I Would Rather Be Ruled By ISIS Than By Pro-Iranian Militias That Follow Khamenei

#8384 | 02:44
Source: Asia TV (Iraq)

Iraqi politician Misha'an Al-Juburi said in an October 15, 2020 interview on Asia TV (Iraq) that he would rather Iraq be ruled by ISIS than by pro-Iranian militias. He said that these sectarian and ideologically driven militias oppress and plunder Iraq, and that there is currently no force in Iraq that is powerful enough to wage Jihad against them. For more about Misha'an Al-Juburi, see MEMRI TV clip no 7449 and 7347.

Misha'an Al-Juburi: "Let the [pro-Iranian militias] remove their evil from us, and I don't care if it means that we would be ruled by ISIS. I don't care who would rule us. Anybody would be better than them."

Interviewer: "You consider them to be Iranians? Is this why you got to the point where you say we had better be ruled by ISIS?"

Al-Juburi: "Those pro-Iranian oppressors who kidnapped our children and made then disappear, plundered the Baiji oil refinery and the fertilizers department, removed the electricity lines, captured the railway, take over agricultural lands, sell fertilizers to the people at an unbelievably high price, prevent people from returning to their homes, declare curfews in some places, and attack the people... ISIS did not do to the people what they are doing. ISIS is an Islamic terror group, but it follows the ways of the people at the advent of Islam. What were those people doing? Cutting off heads, flaying people... ISIS did not invent any of this. These were the practices of..."


Interviewer: "If you get a little more excited, you might call to wage an armed Jihad against them."

Al-Juburi: "No, we are not ready to wage an armed Jihad against them, because our people are unarmed. That's one thing. Secondly, if you want to wage armed resistance, you must be on equal footing. At the moment, we do not have the force that is required to do such a thing. The Sinjar Agreement..."

Interviewer: "Your answer implies that people are considering this."

Al-Juburi: "All options are being considered.


"The behavior of the PMU [units] that follow Sistani's authority was patriotic. They behaved like compatriots, not like enemies. They behaved like people who fear Allah. However, the behavior of the factions that follow Iran was all about burning down, killing, and kidnapping.


"What I am saying is that they are another form of ISIS. ISIS consists of Sunnis who come from all over the world in order to fight the Iraqi state, based on ideological concepts. These people are Shiites who believe in Khamenei's authority, and believe that it is their duty according to the shari'a to implement the interests of Iran, which belongs to the same religious sect as them. They believe that a Pakistani or Iranian Shiite is more of a brother to them than I am, an Iraqi Sunni. That's their ideology."

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