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Aug 04, 2020
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Iraqi Political Analyst Sabah Al-Oqaily: I Believe America Caused The Beirut Port Explosion; It Is A Precursor To A Zio-American Aggression Against Lebanon, Hizbullah

#8191 | 02:22
Source: Etejah TV (Iraq)

On August 4, 2020, Al-Etejah TV (Iran) aired a panel about the explosion in the Port of Beirut. Iraqi political analyst Sabah Al-Oqaily said that Lebanon and its economy are being targeted because of Hizbullah and because of Lebanon's role in the "resistance axis." He said he believes the explosion was caused by the United States and that it is a precursor to a "Zio-American aggression" meant to ignite a war and target Hizbullah. In addition, he said that while some people may use this opportunity to demonize Hizbullah and claim that it irresponsibly stored weapons in the port, he believes that Hizbullah would not do such a thing.

Sabah Al-Oqaily: "According to my political analysis, Lebanon and its economy are being targeted. Lebanon is being targeted because it is a part of the axis of resistance. I think [the Beirut port explosion] is a precursor to a Zio-American aggression against Lebanon. I think that there is an intention to ignite a war within Lebanon, and to target the axis of resistance, represented by Hizbullah.


"I believe that this is an opportunity for the USA and the Zionist entity to strike the Lebanese economy, and bring it into submission. Today, Lebanon is a part of the axis of resistance, and therefore, it takes an honorable position vis-a-vis the Palestinian cause, and it supports the Syrian people, who are facing a Zio-American conspiracy of terrorist gangs that are sent [to Syria]. In addition, Lebanon allows the use of its ports in order to aid Syria, which is facing a siege, as well as American sanctions that are meant to weaken it, and bring it into submission. This leads me to think that the U.S. did it. I don't think it's far-fetched to say that [the Beirut port explosion] resembles the assassination of former PM Rafik Hariri. I think the assassination took place in the same area. Evidence and documents prove that the Zionist entity is involved. In addition, this operation may serve to demonize Hizbullah by spreading lies about weapons depots. Many TV channels implied as much. I believe that Hizbullah is smarter than to place weapons in the Beirut port or similar places."

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