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Feb 24, 2005
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Iraqi Policemen Who Joined a Terrorist Squad Tell of Murders and Rapes

#582 | 04:23
Source: Al-Iraqiya TV (Iraq)

The following are excerpts from the interrogation of Shuqair Farishi and Hussein Sheikhu, two Iraqi policemen who joined a terrorist squad and murdered and raped many Iraqis. Al-Iraqiya TV aired this interrogation on February 24, 2005

Interviewer: What's your name?

Shuqair Al-Farishi: First Lieutenant Shuqair Al-Farishi.

Interviewer: From which tribe?

Shuqair Al-Farishi: Badrani.

Interviewer: First Lieutenant Shuqair, you and your terrorist squad carried out terrorist operations in Mosul. Tell us about this.

Shuqair Al-Farishi: Sir, we committed murder.

Interviewer: Where did you work?

Shuqair Al-Farishi: In the rescue forces.

Interviewer: In which area?

Shuqair Al-Farishi: In Wadi Hajar.

Interviewer: What was your job?

Shuqair Al-Farishi: I was a lieutenant…

Interviewer: What was your job in the administration?

Shuqair Al-Farishi: Patrol officer.

Interviewer: Patrol officer

Shuqair Al-Farishi: Yes. sir.

Interviewer: Which terrorist squads did you work with?

Shuqair Al-Farishi: With Hussein, sir.

Interviewer: Hussein Shikhu?

Shuqair Al-Farishi: Yes.

Interviewer: Hussein, which squad did you work with? Are you also a policeman?

Hussein Sheikhu: Yes, sir, a police officer.

Interviewer: What is your rank?

Hussein Sheikhu: A Policeman.

Interviewer: Where did you kill Ahmad Jum'a?

Hussein Sheikhu: We kidnapped him.

Interviewer: Who killed him?

Hussein Sheikhu: I killed him, Sir.

Interviewer: Was Shuqair with you?

Hussein Sheikhu: Yes he was, sir. He participated in all the operations.

Interviewer: In all operations?

Hussein Sheikhu: He was with us.

Interviewer: Who else did you kill?

Hussein Sheikhu: I killed those Christians.

Interviewer: Who were they?

Hussein Sheikhu: Aiman Ishu, Boutros.

Interviewer: Why?

Hussein Sheikhu: They were collaborators.

Interviewer: And you yourselves are not collaborators?

Hussein Sheikhu: Of course, sir.

Interviewer: Weren't you collaborating with Syria?

Hussein Sheikhu: Of course, sir.

Interviewer: Did you work for an Iraqi or for a Syrian?

Shuqair Al-Farishi: One Iraqi and one Syrian.

Interviewer: One Syrian and one Iraqi. Who gave you the money?

Shuqair Al-Farishi: The Iraqi.

Interviewer: Didn't he tell you that you would work for the Syrian?

Shuqair Al-Farishi: He said that I'd work for the Syrian.

Interviewer: So are you a collaborator or not?!

Shuqair Al-Farishi: But sir, I got them money from the Iraqi. The Iraqi gave the money.

Interviewer: Are you stupid or are you just pretending?

Shuqair Al-Farishi: No, sir.

Interviewer: An Iraqi introduces you to a Syrian and tells you that you are working for the Syrian intelligence, and even though you're an officer, you don't understand?

Shuqair Al-Farishi: Yes, sir.

Interviewer: And you say that you get the money from the Iraqi.

I got the money from the Iraqi, sir.

Interviewer: And where did the money come from?

Shuqair Al-Farishi: The Iraqi go it from the Syrian.

Interviewer: Hussein, I'd like to ask you a question. How many people did you and your filthy terrorist squad kill?

Hussein Sheikhu:Thirty-six, including the girls, sir.

Interviewer: With the girls?

Hussein Sheikhu: Yes sir.

Interviewer: How many girls?

Hussein Sheikhu: Ten, sir.

Interviewer: You killed ten girls. You raped and killed them.

Hussein Sheikhu: Yes, we raped and killed them.

Interviewer: Where they all unmarried, or what?

Hussein Sheikhu: Unmarried, but there were also some married ones. They were university students.

Interviewer: We'll get back to them later, we will have a lot to talk about. Thirty-six people. Were they policemen?

Hussein Sheikhu: From the police, the National Guard, and collaborators, sir.

Interviewer: If they are collaborators, what are you? Don't say collaborators. You yourself are a collaborator.

Hussein Sheikhu: True, sir.

Interviewer: Call them martyrs, you are the collaborator.

Interviewer: You are the contemptible one.

Hussein Sheikhu: True, sir.

Interviewer: What makes you call them collaborators? By what fatwa or law are they collaborators? You are a police officer and you a patrol officer. You took advantage of your positions, of the state's cars and weapons. Didn't you kill them with weapons supplied by the state?

Hussein Sheikhu: Yes, sir.

Interviewer: So who are the collaborators? And with what funds?

Interviewer: Where is the money from?

Hussein Sheikhu: From Syria.

Interviewer: From Syria, and you tell me that they were collaborators?! Then what are you? Don't say collaborators, say martyrs.

Hussein Sheikhu: Whatever you say, sir.

Interviewer: You are the collaborator.

Hussein Sheikhu: Yes, sir. Martyrs, sir.

Hussein Sheikhu: We killed seven girls and raped three, together that's ten.

Interviewer: You killed seven and raped three…

Hussein Sheikhu: Sir, we killed and raped them all.

Interviewer: So we are talking about ten?

Hussein Sheikhu: Yes, sir.

Interviewer: You mean that you killed seven but raped only three of them?

Hussein Sheikhu: Yes.

Interviewer: Was Shuqair with you during all this?

Hussein Sheikhu: Yes, sir, he was with us.

Interviewer: And as for the people you killed, the martyrs, was Shuqair with you then as well?

Hussein Sheikhu: Yes, sir.

Interviewer: Shuqair, what do you say?

Shuqair Al-Farishi: Yes, sir.

Interviewer: Yes sir?! May Allah grind your ribs. DId the Syrian receive reports about all these operations? Did he order you to do this? Did you kill Americans?

Hussein Sheikhu: No sir.

Interviewer: Did you attack the occupier?

Hussein Sheikhu: No, sir, we didn't.

Interviewer: You only attacked Iraqis?

Hussein Sheikhu: Yes, sir.

Interviewer: These instructions came from Syria?

Shuqair Al-Farishi: Yes, sir.

Interviewer: How many did you rape?

Hussein Sheikhu: Three, sir.

Interviewer: You raped three. Oh, that's really nothing! How many of the students did you rape?

Hussein Sheikhu: I didn't rape the students, sir.

Interviewer: So who were the three that you raped?

Hussein Sheikhu: From among the other girls.

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