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May 16, 2020
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Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi Dons PMU Uniform, Says: The PMU Plays a Fundamental Role in Iraq’s Security, Unity; Together, We Will Soon Launch Wide-scale Military Operations to Ensure That ISIS Does Not Return

#7998 | 07:02
Source: Online Platforms - "Official YouTube Channel of Iraq's PM"

On May 16, 2020, a video of Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi's address to members of the PMU was uploaded to the official YouTube channel of the Iraqi Prime Minister's Office. He praised the PMU and its martyrs, saying that they are the "apple of Iraq's eye," and said that they have played a fundamental role in Iraq's security, particularly in fighting ISIS. He said that the PMU's presence across all sectors of Iraqi society, are evidence of the unity of the Iraqi people, and he promised to protect the PMU and to fight alongside it to ensure that ISIS does not return to Iraq. Prime Minister Al-Kadhimi elaborated that Iraq and the PMU will soon launch wide-scale military operations against ISIS. At the end of this speech, he was given a PMU uniform and he put the shirt on, saying: "I'll wear it right now for you and ISIS to see and know that we are ready, brothers!"

Mustafa Al-Kadhimi: "I'm very happy and proud to be in this meeting, for a very simple reason: Being with you, who have been, and continue to be, the apple of Iraq's eye. You fought and confronted ISIS, and protected the unity of the country. I am happy and proud of this meeting, and feel that I am here among family and friends. I remember that in this same room back in the old days, we used to meet and cooperate in planning on how to fight ISIS. I am happy to be with you, the heroes of the PMU, the force that terrorizes ISIS, especially these days, when, as you know, ISIS is attempting to regain a foothold in order to prove that they are achieving something. The truth is that ISIS is assembling its remnants despite all the victories [against it].


"You have given a lot and you have made many sacrifices, and everybody can see the quality of your work. Today, we are going through a new phase, and I say it frankly: This PMU is not anyone's PMU. It is Iraq's PMU, and the PMU of the homeland and of all Iraqis. That is the way it was established, and this is how it will continue to be.


"You responded to the call of your homeland, and you left your families, when you responded to the call of [Ayatollah Sistani] and this is to your credit. The PMU's doctrine is a doctrine of loyalty to this country and to [Sistani], who has protected Iraq throughout history. You know very well that this has been done without discriminating against any Iraqi and you should act like this, as well. Today, the PMU extends to all the people of Iraq.


"You must know, dear brothers, that protecting you is part of my responsibility. The PMU Law constitutes a legal framework that we will not give up on, in order to protect your dignity, your rights, and the martyrs of this heroic PMU. We will work together to root out ISIS, and we will not allow it to return.


"We will not allow attacks or accusations to be made against the PMU. I will say it again: These dissonant voices will have no place in this government. This government has two roles. Its first role is to prepare for fair and transparent elections. The second role is to protect the Iraqi state in terms of security and the economy. Economy is the job of economists and security is your job, and the job of the security services and the Iraqi army. Every Eid, I go to the cemetery of Wadi Al-Salam [in Najaf]. I grieve in my heart when I see so many sons and widows of the PMU martyrs. The dignity of these families must be protected. You have made a lot of sacrifices and these achievements must be protected. The PMU is Iraq's PMU, and it is an official institution and a legal entity that reports to the Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces. There is also the head of the PMU Commission.


"The state is strong when its institutions are in harmony with one another. We must work together in the spirit of harmony and the PMU is a part of the legal framework of the state.


"We must provide protection and dignity to these heroes. The presence of the PMU in every part of [Iraqi] society is further evidence of the unity of the Iraqis. The PMU is present from Basra to Mosul and in every part of this society. I would like to tell you some good news and let ISIS hear me: We will soon launch widescale military operations and the PMU will play a fundamental role in eliminating this enemy and the [ISIS] epidemic. Yes, ISIS may be under the illusion that this government is preoccupied with the formation of the cabinet, the economic crisis and the coronavirus pandemic, and [they may think] that this is their opportunity to expand. They are wrong. I would like to recall a phrase from the PMU hymn. I will say a part of it, while you complete the rest. We will not be defeated, and we will not give our blood. Rest assured that this anthem will be immortalized by history. When I was in the [intelligence] apparatus, which I still am... At all the ceremonies, I asked that [this anthem] be played after the national anthem.


"I ask the PMU's leader to cooperate with the Iraqi army and security services, because you are an effective component. We will start the fight soon. To ISIS, I say: Wait for us. The time of battle is close.


"You have done a lot, and we must protect these achievements. You are clever in founding a memory that we must preserve and use as fuel and as the catalyst in our battle against terrorism, which will not be long. However, there will be a long battle to carry out economic and administrative reforms, and to fight corruption. We must learn from the mistakes of the past in fighting terrorism. We will not allow the remnants [of ISIS] to return to our cities and to act against the dignity of any Iraqi. Thank you very much, brothers."

Man: "We have a gift for you - a PMU uniform. Wear it later if you wish, at home.."

Al-Kadhimi: "No, I'll wear it right now for you and ISIS to see and know that we are ready, brothers!"

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