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Jan 09, 2005
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Iraqi PM Iyad Allawi's Elections Broadcast

#478 | 54
Source: Al-Arabiya Network (Dubai/Saudi Arabia)

The following is an Iraqi election broadcast on Al-Arabiya TV that aired on January 9, 2005:

Alawi: Hello, My name is Iyad Allawi, I am an Iraqi and a physician. When we physicians graduate, we take an oath to treat people and ease their pain. Therefore, we cannot stand by and watch the oppression and tyranny that have hurt Iraq. I have resisted this tyranny for over thirty years and I've been a target of attempted assassinations. I have returned to my country to take part in its rebuilding. Therefore, we have assembled a party to run in the elections and called it "The Iraqi List". It will create a new tomorrow for a strong Iraq.

Announcer: Vote for the Iraqi party and for Dr. Iyad Alawi for a strong leadership and a secure homeland!

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