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Jan 02, 2017
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Iraqi MP Kadhim Al-Sayadi: We Should Cancel the Strategic Framework Agreement with the U.S., Sign Another Sponsored by Russia and Iran

#5823 | 00:55
Source: Mayadeen TV (Lebanon)

Iraqi MP Khadim Al-Sayadi said, in a recent TV interview, that the "only thorough solution" to the problem of terrorism in the region was to cancel the "infamous" American Strategic Framework Agreement, and instead try to achieve an agreement "sponsored by Russia, Iraq, and Iran," along with Turkey, if it wants to join "as a true friend, not a hypocritical one." MP Al-Sayadi, who is a member of the State of Law Coalition, was speaking on Mayadeen TV on January 2.



Khadim Al-Sayadi: "In my opinion, Iraq should begin to take measures in order to cancel the infamous American 'Strategic Framework Agreement,' and try to achieve a true strategic framework agreement with the countries that are fighting terrorism - an agreement that will be truly sponsored by Russia, Iraq and Iran. If Turkey wants to join as a partner - as a true friend, not a hypocritical one - the Turkish government will be welcome. In my opinion, this is the only thorough solution from which we can benefit at the present time, to eliminate terrorism and the terrorists, and to prevent turmoil in the stability and security of the region, as a result of foreign intervention."

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