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Jun 09, 2018
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Iraqi Journalist Mahmoud Al-Hashemi: Hitler Slaughtered the Jews because They Were Using the Black Market against Him; Shakespeare Shone a Spotlight on the Cruel Jewish Mentality

#6638 | 01:55
Source: Alebaa TV (Iraq)

Iraqi journalist Mahmoud Al-Hashemi said that the Jews had been "vomited by the wheel of history," that they had become "a burden on Europe – and indeed, on planet Earth as a whole," and that Hitler had slaughtered them and "sent them to the grinder" because they were using the black market to prevent others from fighting alongside Germany, against them. Al-Hashemi, who was interviewed by the Iraqi Alebaa TV channel on June 9, further said that in "The Merchant of Venice," Shakespeare was "shining a spotlight on the cruel Jewish mentality" and that the play was not merely a "random figment of the imagination."

Mahmoud Al-Hashemi: "Israel purports to be Jewish but Judaism is a religion and should not establish a state. There is not a single state in the world that is founded on religious values. So this is a kind of delusion. The Jews were vomited by the wheel of history. They became a burden on Europe, following World War I and II – indeed, on planet Earth as a whole – and [the Europeans] wanted to get rid of them. As the world war was going on... Why did Hitler slaughter them? Why did he send them to the grinder? While Hitler and the [German] nation were in the midst of war, the Jews were using the black market, and were paying money so that others would not fight alongside Germany. At the same time they were living there, eating there... They were ungrateful to the countries in which they lived. In 1624, Shakespeare wrote his play The Merchant of Venice. In a nutshell, this play tells the story of a Jewish usurer."

Interviewer: "I'm familiar with it."

Mahmoud Al-Hashemi: "That Jewish usurer lent money to a certain Christian guy, who was supposed to pay him back after a while. According to the contract, if the guy failed to pay up, [the Jew] could cut a pound of his flesh from the left side of his heart. The author shines a spotlight on the cruel Jewish mentality. He took a pound of his flesh from the left side. Why did Shakespeare write that play? This is not just a random figment of his imagination."

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