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Jul 27, 2020
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Iraqi Journalist Hussein Al-Sheikh: Iraq Is Run By Gangs; It Is As If They Have Broken Into My House, Raped My Family, Stolen My Money

#8199 | 01:23
Source: Al-Ahd TV (Iraq)

Iraqi journalist Hussein Al-Sheikh said in a July 27, 2020 interview on Al-Ahd TV (Iraq) that Iraq is run by gangs and that his situation is as if someone broke into his house, raped his mother and his sister, stole his money, and told him to remain silent. He said that in light of the assassinations of journalist Ahmed Abdul Samad and researcher Husham Al-Hashimi were killed anyone could be next.

Interviewer: "Why aren't we talking about numbers? Isn't that better?"

Hussein Al-Sheikh: "You want numbers? Have I come here to die? You know, shortly before I came here, my friend Ali gave me a call. He told me: 'Stay calm and don't get overexcited so they won't kill you.' I told him that I have nothing more to lose. By Allah, this is what I told him on the phone. I told him that the situation in Iraq is as follows... I am being totally honest. It's like a gang broke into my house, raped my mother and my sister, took my money, and told me not to say a word. The situation is like that. Yesterday they killed Mahdi and before that, they killed Ahmed Abdul Samad, prior to that, they killed Husham [Al-Hashimi], and next they might kill you or you. This is the situation I'm in."

Interviewer: "You are blowing this out of proportion."

Al-Sheikh: "This is the reality. Iraq is run by gangs, brother."

Interviewer: "You are not supposed to come to the show sick..."

Al-Sheikh: "No, I will! I am a person who... Let me tell you something: There are TV channels that nobody goes to. Do you know why? People are worried and afraid."

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