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May 27, 2013
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Iraqi Elections Broadcasts

#959 | 04:12
Source: Al-Arabiya Network (Dubai/Saudi Arabia)Al-Iraqiya TV (Iraq)

Following are excerpts from Iraqi Elections Broadcasts, from December 2005, which were broadcasted on Al-Arabiya TV and Al-Iraqiya TV.

Clip I

Armed man: Close the door. Don't move. Everyone, take out your money. Take it out. Women on the bus?! Get out the money!

Where to, my dear?

Woman: I want to get off.

Armed man: Why d'you want to get off for? Me and the bus – we're both standing here. Nobody gets off.

Woman: No, I have to get off.

Armed man: No, I don't... No one opens the door.

Woman: Yes he will open it! OK, let's see you... Get up! Give me the money! Get off!

Here you go, sir. Here's your money. We must cooperate and not be afraid. Our only hope is the elections day.

Script: Together we will defeat terrorism through the 2005 elections.

Clip 2

Narrator: Last year we regained sovereignty. At the beginning of this year, we voted in the first free elections in our history, despite all the threats. Last month, we confronted terrorism, and voiced our opinion by voting for the constitution. Today, we are taking a new step in our journey towards the future, by electing a government that will represent the entire spectrum of our (society), and will fulfill our hopes. On December 15, we continue our journey for Iraq. The people of Iraq, the heroes of Iraq.

Clip 3

Narrator: When evil prevails, murder becomes routine. When good prevails, sacrifice becomes a badge of honor. The heroes of the two rivers.

Clip 4

Woman: Stability.

Man: Eliminating unemployment.

Elderly man: Improving security.

Man: Can you give me my share of the oil?

Member of Congress: If you're with us, nothing is too difficult. That's a promise.

Narrator: The National Iraqi Congress list. We liberated Iraq, and we will build it together.

Clip 5

Man: Don't be in a burry. What is meant to be will be. Everything is going to change.

Singing: We are the youth, the future is ours, and its eternal glory. We are the youth, we are the youth, the future is ours.

Sheik Nawwaf Saud Al-Jorba: Our future will be prosperous with you on our side. Yes, the future is ours.

Narrator: Sheik Nawwaf Saud Al-Jorba. Vote for the "Future Is Ours" coalition – list No. 788. I repeat: 788.

Clip 6

Script: Violence



Script: Shatter the shackles of the past. Vote for the future. Participate in the elections for the Iraqi National Assembly. December 15, 2005. Vote for the future. Iraq, united homeland, promising future.

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