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Sep 18, 2020
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Iraqi TV Debate: Hitler Cannot Be Blamed – The Jews Are The Reason For All Strife; COVID-19 Is A Masonic Tool, The Vaccine Will Be Used To Control People Via Satellite

#8431 | 01:30
Source: Alghadeer TV (Iraq)

On September 18, 2020, Al-Ghadir TV [Iraq] aired a debate about Freemasonry and Zionism. TV Host Salam Sakr Al-Khaledi said that he rejects Hitler and Nazism, but that they can’t be "blamed" for their actions because it is true that the Jews, Zionists, and Freemasons are behind all the strife [in the world]. Iraqi Legal Expert Abu Yaqeen Al-Musawi, a panelist on the show, said that the COVID-19 pandemic is a Masonic "tool," and that the vaccine will be made mandatory so that a chip can be inserted in people, who can then be controlled via satellites. He argued that there is a conspiracy to reduce the world’s population and establish a single regime that would control the entire world.

Salam Sakr Al-Khaledi: "I reject Hitler and Nazism, but sometimes I say that Hitler should not be blamed. Describing the Zionists, he said that they are the reason for all the strife. Whenever two people are fighting... He said that even if two roosters are fighting, rest assured that there is a Jew, a Freemason, or a Zionist behind them. We do not harbor hatred or animosity towards any nation. We would like all people to live in peace. But it seems as if the others – or rather those who try to instigate all this strife and these problems... It seems that they are sick. One might ask why, since they do not want secularism or something like that. But they want [the religion] of the Zionist country to remain the only religion. [They believe they are] the Chosen People, and that all the other religions are false."

Iraqi Legal Expert Abu Yaqeen Al-Musawi: "Coronavirus is one of the tools of Freemasonry. Now they are talking about a vaccine, and it will be mandatory to take it. This way, people would be controlled via satellites. That's right. They have suggested the idea of planting a chip or a virus in people's bodies in order to control them. They want to reduce the world's population, and to create a single unified regime that will rule and control the world."

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